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 is depression a disease?

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My sister is a total slob and spoiled BADLY help?
My sister is a total slob help?
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How long will they keep you in the hospital for wanting to commit suicide?
If you were to go check yourself in to the hospital because you know you can't trust yourself alone, how long will they keep you in the hospital for?

Bob B.
46 years, 21 days, 5 hours, 10 min, and 14 seconds.

Minimum of 72 hours. After that, depends on the therapists opinion.

Blah Blah Blah

usually 72 hour observation

24-48 hours on suicide watch, then after that its really up to you.

until they think you're in the right mind set to go home.

hey..and what's going on that's making you want to kill yourself? or is this you that you're talking about?

Call a lawyer and find out what your legal rights are....BEFORE you go in there...AND have him ..or someone..on standby..in case they won't let you out. There's a place online where you can find out some of these answers...on YA...I know you needed to ask people on here..but now..go to the place where you can find out about your legal rights. (and rights as a human being). TRy to stay around people ALL THE TIME...since you say you can't trust yourself. Call the suicide prevention line...they usually can help people. Couldn't you go to a therapist first? or a minister?...or talk to your family or good friend. It's good that you're trying to protect yourself from yourself. If you're hearing voices...they're not good voices. Would you tell someone to kill themselves? Of course not...then don't listen to them. Keep trying to protect yourself. You're worth it. !!!

an ordinary girl
They will keep you in the hospital until your risk for suicide is lower. Usually 3-7 days.

4-8 weeks valuations and monitoring.

a week i tried SEVEN DAYS lol

It will take about a week for you to get so scared that they will lock you up forever because you wont stop saying the suicide stuff. After that it is a breeze you will not tell a soul ever again.

There is usually a 24-48 hour suicide watch, after that it depends on the person and how long it takes for them to feel you are not a risk anymore. But if you check yourself in, then you can check yourself out whenever...but it really does no good if you don't stay until they say your ready.
Beware, I checked myself in once and they said if I checked myself out before they said I was ready that insurance wouldn't pay for it...My advice would be to go to the local ER immediately!! If you need to talk feel free to IM me or email me anytime!

Rhiannon. Stay[[+]]
i don't care, neither should you just get to a hospital before its too late. God Bless

Usually you would be in the hospital for less than a week. You got some good answers on here, it is unlikely you will be held against your will if you haven't done anything serious to hurt yourself. And you can get some good time in with a psychiatrist and get help very quickly, whereas outpatient it can take awhile. Otherwise, you could call up a friend and ask them to stay with you the weekend, then get urgent care next week if you are still beyond down. I have bipolar disorder and I know that when I have PMS it is beyond enduring, so maybe you have depression and PMS too, and in a few days you will be better, so the ER isn't necessary. You need to make the call - ***if you have specific plans to commit suicide, you need to go to the ER right now.***

All the best to you, treatment will help you feel better

the crusader
If you check yourself in, then you can leave anytime. However, if you are in the hospital and the staff observes you as being a threat to yourself or others, they may try to Baker Act you. That would mean that they could legally hold you in their facility for a minimum of 72 hours for observation and also to try and get you stabilized.

Mos Am.
If u check in yourself then i am not sure, I know that when it isnt voluntary and they see u as a risk, they can keep you for up to 72 hours.

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