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How do you commit yourself into a mental institution?
I need information on finding a place i can go because i dont think i am mentally stable

Well a "mental institution" is a little much if u don't think your mentally stable. first you should start off with a physc ward in your local hospital. they may help you get the meds and therapy u need and if after they evaluate you and think u need long term care they could refer u to a "mental institution" most mentally ill people who become unstable benefit from time in the physc ward and able to get back to life.

you have to be a danger to yourself or other people, or you could ask your doctor, and tell him how you feel. if you aren't actually stable then there could be other treatments available.

A couple of thoughts: -If you think you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, call 911 immediately or go to the ER of your local hospital. Doctors in the emergency room can evaluate you there. -If it's not an emergency, you can look up the phone number for your local community referral or crisis counseling hotline (nearly all communities have one). The volunteers can assist you in finding referrals. Alternately, you may want to make an appointment with your GP or a psychiatrist for evaluation.

If you feel a need to go to a mental institution now, because your afraid you will hurt yourself or others, go to the ER and explain that you feel like hurting yourself or somebody and that you don't want to do that, and they will make arrangements for you.

Go to your local hospital - say that you are in crises - you will get immediate help and then you will get a referral - I am amazed by your self awareness - don't be frightened you can get great help feel good

Just find the nearest mentall hospital and say i'm a mental case and let me in

look in the phone book under mental hospitals, you can self commit for 48 hours, for observation. You need to be a threat to yourself or others to be committed. Contact you regular doctor he will help you, maybe with some meds or a recommendation to a counselor

oh my god looks like u r inn a serious situation hey even i think i m getting mentally unstable after reading ur question lets do one thing contact me and we both together will go to a mental asylum

Puppy Zwolle
Contact your family-doctor. He can actually get you in asap.

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