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How can i cut my wrists without killing my self?
It is how it sounds and i don't want help.

i thought ppl cut thier wrists to kill themselves.... i dont know anything on the situation sorry ....

Single Worker 1230
Are you attention seeking?

i thought the point of cutting your wrists was to kill yourself....


Uhmmm. Why would you need help cutting yourself. Hun, that is something horrible to do to yourself. You need to stop, it's not healthy. I don't want to be a nag, but it's from past experience. So I'm not going to answer that question. Sorry.

ThAt GiRl WhO lOvEs To RiDe
probably more on the edges where the veins don't run throught there, i see people cut them selves, but dont cut deeply.

Um across the street not down the road,stay away from your wrist if possible,try away from your main wrist and more your forearm,
I know you wanna cut your wrist...but it is really hard to do so without killing yourself

Rachel Dee
Its highly unlikely that you'd die from cutting your wrists.

Still you shouldn't do it.

Anna Babyyy (:
dont cut your wrist?

I know where you are coming from.
Don't cut too deep, cut horizontal across your wrist. When it bleeds wash the wound(s), apply pressure and keep your wrist above your heart. This slows the blood flow and helps it to clot quicker. Everyday after, put antiseptic cream on until it heals.
Good luck.

If I may, I apologize for all of the stupid, non-legitimate answerers here and their conduct here as well.
The only thing that matters is depth. Cut no deeper than the height of the blade, you know, the part that slants off where it gets sharp....As long as you dont cut too deep, it really doesnt matter where you cut, or in what direction. Obviously, cutting on that one vein in the middle of your wrist, parallel to it, is not smart. Even a shallow cut there will bleed for a while.
Down the road, cross the steet, whatever. I cut in all directions on my wrist, leg, ankle...and anywhere i can hide it easily.
Best of luck with whatever issue/stressor/situation you are facing which has brought you here. I understand, youre not alone.

is it self harm u talking about if so u can cut other places l suppose if u wish( ldont wish it 4 u ) the wrists rr very risky thats suidcidal

Its highly unlikely you'll kill yourself by cutting your wrists
you would have to cut very VERY deep.

I cut about 1inch deep, severed two tendons and STILL didn't die
Still I wouldn't recommend doing that cos it is posible you could die
just unlikely, plus it hurts like a *****

you can easy cut your wrist without killing yourself
just run the blade across light

but why do you want to do it anyway?
if your depressed you need to talk to someone
it might seem like to easiest way to let people know you need help
but its not a good idea to start cutting yourself

talk to someone!

well, just don't cut to deep, but the wrist isn't the best place to cut, i usually cut on my arm or on my thighs.

the wrist has a lot of vains so i wouldn't suggest cutting your wrists.

sounds like u are i dire need of attention. go a healtier way, streak down the road, or something like that. cutting ur wrists for attention is a weak move. it doesnt just only hurt u. and ur most likely going to have someone see that isnt going to give u the type of attention u want. they are going to take action and ur going to get stuck in counciling and therapy. lol good luck my dude!!

ok well, first off I would advise against it

second off, i have found that cutting vertically as opposed to horizontally is the best method for wrists

or cut very lightly

i also find that cuts across the stomach and chest give the same amount of relief

i will advise against it though there are much better methods

Now why would you want to do that?
Check out this

<a href=http://www.panicaway.ca>Panicaway</…

Your the third person who has contemplated this unfortunate act.

I recommended this to 4 other people and 3 of them sent me mails stating that it solved their problems.

Now mind you, you may need to see a head doctor also.

The K!LLER Anna
i honestly don't know, having never cut my wrists before [believe me, i wanted to...i just never have.] let me ask you something though. what do you hope to accomplish by cutting your wrists? how will that help your situation at all?

email me if you want to talk.

Ya know Its not hard just dont do it deep. but really you shouldn't do it it can be very addicting.

Adam Stringer
Ok, ignore the stupid answers.

Don't cut parallel with the viens, that cuts them right open and means they can't heal. But do be prepared for the bleeding to not stop for a while, don't panic it just gets your heart going, just relax, constrict the blood flow and hold your arm up.

Don't know if you can answer me back, but what's your purpose? Attention, you like your own blood? You dig pain? You're interested in your own anatomy? The emotional pain has left you so numb you want to feel something?

Have fun

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