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How can I get out of deep depression without medication?
I am 51 and in the deepest depression ever. I am not suicidal, I do not want to die. I am married and my husband works and I do not. I have no friends and no family in this state. I don't have a car. My husband is wonderful and wants me to be happy, I just cannot motivate myself to do the things I need to do.
We don't have medical insurance-so drugs are not an option.

Take 5-HTP. It is the herbal equivalent of an anti-depressant without all the horrible side effects. The NOW brand in the orange bottle is the best and cheapest. Here is a link to read about it:


You can buy it at a health store, no insurance required. Or online! Good luck, you will be happy with the results!!!

Try exercise, especially cardiovascular. Some recent studies have shown that as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can have the same benefits as some anti-depressants. You'll feel better about yourself, and if you can do something outdoors like walking or even hiking you'll have the benefit of enjoying nature and some fresh air. If you are able to, adopt a dog from your local shelter. Dogs are excellent companions and you'd be giving an abandoned animal a home. There is your reason to get up and out, take your new friend for a walk.

I feel you. The best advice and the most common I am given by doctors is to get out and move. Get fresh air and exercise and create endorphins to help elevate your mood. Just taking a 20 minute walk every day will help. I know it sounds like a lot to go out and have people see you out there walking or whatever. Just put on a hat, some headphones with upbeat music and do it. Try it just 3 times a week. Please try it. Just walk around the block if that's all you can do. Ask your husband to go with you each night when he gets home.
Maybe you should get a little job. Maybe volunteer. You could take the bus. Or you could volunteer at a school close to your home. Being around kids is uplifting. You are so isolated and that is the worst thing because your mind doesn't stop thinking about what a loser you are (I'm not saying you are a loser, I just know this happens to me).
You could also go to church if you like that sort of thing. The pastors usually provide counselling for this sort of thing. And you could meet people and volunteer. Become part of your community.
I hope this helps you. I know how it is, believe me. Motivation is an obstacle, but if you ask your husband to help you by walking with you or taking you to join the church (if you're into that sort of thing), then he can help you become motivated.
Good luck. I'll be thinking about you.

Herbs are often just as expensive as prescription drugs. For your information, though, you should know that there are ways to get free medications for those in need. That could be important to know later on.

The hardest thing, when you lack motivation, is starting. The absolute best thing for depression is exercise. The second best thing you can do to feel better about yourself is volunteer. I'm pretty sure there have been studies that show this. I know vitamins and herbs are expensive, too, but vitamin B6 is one of the most successful vitamins that people use to help with moods, it is especially good for PMS.

At 51, you are probably pre-menopausal if not menopausal so you could be looking at a hormonal imbalance. That can really be a downer :( I wish I knew the answer for that one, but if you can't see a doctor about it I don't know.

numb nuts
Hey! You're only a year older than me! My wife sounds like your husband although I am suicidal and I like thinking about suicide cause it makes me feel great! Not sure why. Although the drugs have taken the edge off doing anything about it most of the time. Welcome to the club. Research says that depression gets worse as age increases and that people over 85 have a one in six chance of suicide..
Its a mistake to try and get out of a serious depression without medication from what I've read. Depression is not a personal failing its a medical condition caused by imbalances of neurotransmitters. There are supplements like 5HTP, Gaba, SAM-e etc but you need to ask a naturopath what you are low on. they have this written quiz that helps diagnose your condition. antidepressants don't increase neurotransmitters they just recycle them. The above supplements do increase neurotransmitter levels and have few if any side effects so that would be my first choice other than antidepressants with side effects. Good luck! The main reason people have depression is because of high Omega 6 levels and low Omega 3 levels. They need to be in a ratio of 1:1. Taking Omega 3 supplements are a great way to get out of the depression!

If you have a hobby (crafting, jogging ...), why not find (via the web) a local group of women who get together and do that hobby? It would be fun, relaxing and you could make some great new friends.

I know just going to the yarn store to order yarn for a project that I've met several new people interested in the same hobby as me. It's a great way to network. :)

Whatever you choose just remember one thing - there is only one person who can get you out of this and that's YOU. You are worth it so take time to find out what it's going to take to make you happy and then stop at nothing to make it happen. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Some of us struggle everyday with this, Even though it feel likes it, you're not alone. :)

Good luck and keep smiling!

Drugs are not an option? Saying if you had insurance you would run out and get yourself some of that "magic" medication that makes depression go away. There is no magic cure, only a mask for what is really going on, and pills would only be quick fix. So for today thank god you do not have insurance.....You sound lonely, definitely not a sure fix, but sitting on-line seeing all these people out there to talk to should make you feel not quite as alone. There is a whole world outside your door (or in your computer) throw yourself into something, anything. Find you niche, and you will begin to feel more happy, and find your life does have purpose. Throw yourself into answering as many questions as possible, keep busy, sooner than you think you find something or someone that you can fill your time with.....perhaps you will even find people in your area that you can connect with. That being said, Just know that you are not alone, there are millions of people in this world worse off than you and there is always a reason to smile, even for a moment.. Good Luck!

I'm sorry to say this but if you are not willing to get up and either make some friends or exercise, the only option may be anti-depressants. If you exercise you will release endorphines, which will give you a natural high. But if you can't motivate yourself to get up and do something then you need something to give you that push. I would suggest finding a support group- and not an online support group, thats just the lazy way out and not real people face to face relating to each other. You need to get out and meet people. Find a website that lists local self help organizations or find out where they meet. I live in Chicago and take Public trans to work every day- just because you don't have a car is no reason to stay in the house. don't think about it- at all- just get up and do it. Ten years from now- you'll either look back and say thank goodness or why didn't I?

There are several things you can do, first of all I suggest councelling. Medication does not relieve depression, depending on the severity, depression needs to be treated with councelling and medication. In your situation if councelling isnt an option either, I would suggest going to the gym or working out at home. Exercise releases endorphens in your body which in turn help to relieve depression. Volunteering is a great thing to do if you want to get out of the house. Also does your husband realize why that you are depressed? It is often helpful to talk things out. I hope this helps,

Well seems like you may need to get out the house and do SOMETHING! If you don't want to work then do some volunteer work that you can take the bus to or obtain a job that allows you to bring home a car. You are hiding from the World and that's depressive enough.

If you need to lose weight then joing a YMCA or Rec Center and work on yourself. You will probably find a friend that you'll enjoy. But you have to put yourself out there.

If you need medication there are plenty of places that will assist people in getting medical attention and/or medicine. Heck, even Wal-Mart and places like Sams Club has $4 drugs.

If your state isn't a medical reason, like a chemical imbalance or something, there are a few things.

Try walking atleast 20 minutes a day. Excercise produces endorphines (spelling) which is your bodies natural pain killer. It also strengthens your body, and you will feel better. If you live in a city, walking the same route each day will make you a familiar face among the people. Wave each day, and smile at them. They'll eventually find you as a nice person ... and when the opportunity arises talk to them! Try eating healthy meals only, and limiting your snack foods.

I hope you feel better.

eat bananas. It weird, but true. It has this chemical that makes a natural high, and its good for you. It also works for
1 nicotine addicts
2 a healthy snack
3 and a whole bunch of other thing that does not come to mind.

There is an herbal remedy which you can buy over the counter at any drugstore/ walmart, target, etc. It is called St. John's Wart and is a good natural source for treating depression. You can talk to a pharmacist about taking it, especially if you are taking other medications.
If you are a stay at home wife, I would also encourage you to find a hobby that will help you to find some personal satisfaction, and will allow others to ooohh and aaahh. Like cooking, baking, etc. Sounds like you just need some personal satisfaction, or something to be proud of. Best Wishes.

Lifetime Learner
First start simple by adopting a "hobby". It does not have to even cost any money - go to the library and join a book club (example). Most importantly, get out of the house every day. Communicate with other people and I can guarantee your on the right path.

You state you love your husband. You might even want to start doing something TOGETHER with him. (ps - initimacy might help.)

All of this starts with YOU. Do something - and start today...

Best of luck!

You must get out and exercise for one thing. Exercise is a great way to improve one's mood. Also, get involved in some activities that interest you and meet some new people.

One thing that seems to compound depression is being solitary and thinking too much about it.

Also, try cutting things out of your diet that may effect your mood; caffeine, alchohol, etc...

I am sure you are a great person with a lot to offer. Remember that all things change and this is just a temporary place for you.
Things will get better.

Get out and enjoy life.

1.- Get enough sunlight every day
2.- Get enough sleep every day
3.- Get enough triptofan (found in milk and chocolate) everyday
4.- Get enough physical activity every day (30 minutes)
5.- If that doesn't work, get psychotherapy support.

try thinking about the future and try some natural herbs and supplements!!! also do a hobby like BODYBUILDING!!!

Depression can sometimes just be a mental thing..why dont you try to get yourself occupied..try doing somethin you really enjoy to do...walk in the park while listening to music..then come back take a shower and if you enjoy cooking, cook a nice dinner for you and your husband..when he comes home surprise him.also try to join some social group maybe at some church or join a workshop...you want your husband to be happy but he wont be happy until he sees you happy rather than depressed.

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