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Peter M
Help me before I kill myself, please?
For at least four years, I have had really bad anxiety. I am on zoloft and buspar, but they really don't help all that much. I know that I need to figure out how to fix my anxiety psychologically. Whenever the anxiety comes on, I try to beat it psychologically. Is that what's creating more anxiety, the belief that I have that I'm supposed to do something about it? Is it possible that if I didn't try to solve it, it would simply melt away? Also, I'm always afraid of being anxious because the anxiety makes me not function well mentally or pyhisically. I think that's it possible that the fear of anxiety is what causes it to occur. I'm going through endless therapy, but no one understands! The psychologists think they understand but they don't! Listen, I know that the answer to solving my anxiety is a lot more simple than I think. I just want to be free once and for all. Please, someone help me.

Hey Peter M; You are right!!! Nobody knows what really goes on in YOUR mind. It's your mind and only you can read it (so to speak). Now I am NOT a therapist but I do know a couple of things, (FROM EXPERIENCE). I have had anxiety/panic disorder,severe depression for years. Now what I have done for it. Doctors, Therapists, RX DRUGS. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE FOUND OUT. You never really know what works til you try it and what works for one may not for another. Here goes, When I was having severe anxiety attacks on a constant basis, almost daily, and would take a zanax/xanax , after a while, I noticed that before the medication even had time to desolve or even start to work that I already felt better. ( imagine that). I noticed it happening like that more and more. And I also started paying attention to what triggered the attacks. Then I paid attention to what foods I had eaten that day, and to the time of day or night the attacks were happening. My observations enabled me to see where there were possible links to the reasons for/to my attacks. Stress also added to the frequency of the attacks. So, what I started to do when I paid attention to when they would come on, I would hold off on taking the xanax, and breathe real deep in through my nose, Hold it for a couple of seconds, and then exhale very,very slowly out through my mouth, repeating several times til I relaxed a bit. By paying attention to doing the breathing correctly, I was able to trick my mind out of the anxiety attack. After awhile I was able to say to myself when I could sense an attack coming on, that my mind was going to try to play games with me. I learned to control them by this thinking. And as a Person who KNOWS what an anxiety attack is (you think your going to die,and your mind races like crazy), believe me it is hard to beat and I still take a Prescription med.to aid in keeping control of depression. I have had probably three anxiety attacks in the last two years since I realized what I could do to beat my own brain at its game. I now chuckle out loud and say to myself when I feel it coming on "My mind is trying to give me an anxiety attack and I'm not letting it happen)". Just like that,really. You have to get some medical help at the same time so that it helps you to learn to control rather than thinking a pill is going to cure you. Plus, Praying helps alot!!!! Good Luck

Anxiety usually coexists with depression. You are seeing the wrong people if they don't listen or help you. You need to see a psychiatrist, the specialist, for a correct diagnosis and treatment and the right meds that will help you. This kind of depression is a disease like heart disease or diabetes and requires the right medication. There are crisis numbers that you can call they are staffed with professionals who are trained to help you. One is 1-800-273-talk, another is 1-800-999-9999. Please also go to the site http://www.metanoia.org./suicide/ it is a very helpful read when you are feeling as you do. Please take care and don't give up there is help you just haven't gotten the right help.

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i would try moving to a completly different state. like one across the country and pick the city with the funniest name. start over there and see if it gets any better. if not you can always move back

the resistance to the anxiety sustains it and may even bring it about your intuition is correct whatever causes the anxiety can be allowed and accepted

Have you thought about prayer or seeking God for answers? Do you have a church home? God is answer to all our problems. Ask Him and He is sure to answer. He is sure to heal and deliver you from all that ails you. Do you have a church home or family? If not, go online, look in the phone book, call the Pastor ask for prayer.

This guy runs a YouTube channel and a support group. Very inspiring, you are sure to find help here. http://uk.youtube.com/user/jpfdiamonds

Hey mate - I don't know if this will work with you or not. I found out about this thing called sensory integration theory a few years back, which talked about how some people have problems because they don;t process their sensory stimulus properly so things are "too loud, too bright, too fast or too tight" when compared to normal people. The outward manifestation is anxiety. What you can workout ways to make your body respond better to the negative stimulus. It is easier to give an example here - one of my problems is I am incredibly noise sensitive and that makes me really anxious. But if I regularly go swimming, I become less noise sensitive and less anxious. Another one - I am bad at sudden change in movement such as the car breaking when I am a passenger - but if I knit which is a repetitive movement I don;t have problems with the sensation of movement. I suggest you look up and read two books "too loud, too bright, too fast too tight" and "the out of synch child" (which although it talks about kids explains about things you can do for certain sensory integration programmes.

sweetie i have been through the same thing. it took for ever to get me under control. i take 50 mgs paxil a day and i don't have panic attacts anymore. if i feel one coming on i can fight it off. you will be better. don't do anything to yourself. really it will get better. you need to see another doctor. i will say a prayer for you.

Proud American
There are so many other medication options out there and available to you besides these two medications. I would guess you are getting these through your PCP. They are great with common ailements like the flu, sore throat etc, but know very little about the specialty of Psychiatry. I would see a Psychiatrist (MD) to help you. You said you see a Psychologist have them refer to you to a doctor who can help. You really are not on true anti anxiety meds.

Ashley P
Have you tried simple meditation or any relaxation Technics? That could help with your anxiety,

Could be the drugs. Could be drinking coffee. Could be smoking too much. Could be drinking too much tea. Could be too many soft drinks. Could be a topsy turvy diet.Could be you never asked God to help you. Could be you worry about nothing.

dude i totally understand, did you try telling your doctor that those meds arent helping?, maybe you should try changing doctors if it isnt working, the therapists do the same all the time, they think they know something when they havent experienced it, try working out, it helps to lower stress levels, and if youre on meds you just have to finish the treatment, if its not working, go with someone else! good luck. im going through the same thing, but the thing is that i didnt take my meds and now everything is worse.

You should figure out what it is exactly that you're anxious about? Is it family, school, health problems? Take deep breaths, and find a hobby. I get really bad anxiety, and I noticed that playing the piano has helped me. Also, guitar hero - no joke.

I'll track your IP address and get you help immediately. Help is on the way.

Phuk Ewe
I would try marijuana. Seriously.

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