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 I think my husband has some sort of paranoia issue?
My husband has severe paranoia...I think it's part of a larger issue though. He won't let our child see a doctor (I still take her, he always says no and fights about it) because he doesn�...

 I can't focus/easily lose interest..?
Im in 11th grade and I'm taking trig. I have it at the end of my school day and the minute I get in the class I just shutdown. No matter what I do I cannot keep myself into what the teacher says,...

 Is it sane to laugh while you're crying?
Is it sane to start laughing at yourself and/or a situation while you cry? I don't know if it's normal or not. I never thought it was an issue, but someone told me I have "some issues&...

 Why Do iFeel Like iAm Going Too Doo Something Big In life?
iDon't knoee Why, Well most of my friends, cousins that are my age and boys doo Drugs and things but iDon't Really like that iRather Doo Something Smarter, iReally Think iAm Going To be F...

 im 14 and for some reason i feel as if im missing somthin in my life and i dont know what it is?
seven years ago my dad left the country to help my mom with the house and in the fourth grade i was diagnosed with diabetes now im in the 8th grade i moved to a new school some of my friends moved ...

 guns n roses "one in a million cover?" am i one of the american idol "fail auditions?"?
Guns n roses "one in a million cover?" am i one of the american idol "fail auditions?"? http://chirb.it/P6wMGP...

 Am I Becoming Anorexic.. Help ?!?
okay so i took alot of quizzes and i got high for becoming anorexic. I mean i wouldnt want to (somewhat) but i always feel fat, i eat alone, i skip and say i feel sick but then i'll eat alot the ...

 How can i stop feeling nervous when i talk?
I cant even think of words im saying, im just so focused into the nervousness that its a struggle to even say a word to someone cus i cant stop thinking about it. How do i stop ...

 Almost Always depressed?Help?!?
Sometimes I feel as though I like being depressed. It's like I'm scared to ever be happy or feel good, like this is my whole identity. Sometimes I even listen to sad songs, to sit and be ...

 If I have kids will they be really messed up?
I have OCD, bipolar, ADD, BDD, and borderline, and depression. My fiance has bipolar, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, BDD, and depression. If we have kids are they going to be as messed up as us? If not ...

 I need some help with nightmares?
I'm having some trouble with nightmares... I've had them almost all my life, or as far back as I can remember. The first one I remember was when I was four. I can never remember them ...

 Nightmares? Afraid to go to sleep?
Hey, so I just turned 14 and I've been having nightmares like every night. They aren't the same ones but I can't ever seem to fall back asleep afterwards. And no, I don't think, &...

 List of bipolar symptoms?
If your bipolar that will help a ton. Also how do you feel during your ups and your downs? Pls no rude answers. I know this question has been asked a lot but I just felt like asking it. Thank you! :)...

 What is your opinion on antidepressants? Does it work? or does it make depression worse?

 I feel like I'm walking around in a dream...?
I feel foggy, very spacey, depleted...What's wrong with me?...

 Any adults remember spending your teenage years f*cking around in a drug haze?
Please share your experiences. I'm currently 16 and I've been floating around in a psychedelic binge. I haven't come off weed in about a year and a half, and other drugs are always ...

 Keep doing these weird habits?
For the past two days, i have been constantly blinking and doing this thing with my throat. it is sort of like what you do before you clear your throat. This only happens when my eyes are open. A...

 why am i more observant than other people?
like when i look at someone, i notice a lot more about a person that everyone else does. everything physically about that person or thing stands out to me and i see every little detail about that ...

 Have you ever forgotten how to breathe at times?
Yes, I have Wtf? No, my mouth is clear btw, I was just asking, I meant, have you ever felt like you forgot to breathe and had to restart by doing a newer breathing ...

 Whats a good stress cure?

Easiest way to kill myself?
what is it?

Shoot yourself in the head. If that doesn't work then hang yourself.

just let yourself get squished in a bulldozer lol you're crazy and stupid if you did that.

Don't kill yourself, find someone to talk to. Someone that can help you with your problems.

give yourself 80 years and I guarantee you, nature will find a way of offing you.

rebel monkey
Sit on a giant exploding toad and wait!

Kristen C
There is no easy/easiest way out. I almost overdosed once and, let me tell, despite having contemplated suicide in the past, there is nothing worse than when death is staring you straight in the face and you realize, "I just made a huge mistake," but it's too late and there is nothing left to do but pray and apologize and beg for life. I understand the feelings of hopelessness, but suicide is not a solution. Realize that now before you realize the gift of life and it is too late. Don't risk it, don't try it. Be honest and talk to someone about it. Think of all the valuable things you could do instead of die. Go be some sort of modern day Robin Hood and make a difference somewhere. Go give some money to a homeless person today, since you're basically saying your worldly possessions are worthless. You are in a position where you can choose to be totally selfish or totally selfless. The latter is better all around, I promise.

Millions just like you have asked the same question and we are all doing okay now. Life is no bed of roses but it is okay now we have learned what all was going on eh?

there really is no easy way because our bodys always have a want to live so you end up changing your mind..but I have tried it in the past..not that I am encouraging it..but I am in a group that I created called suicidal_desires to talk about crap.. I have overdosed, tried other things, cut myself, I am not encouraging anything I am just saying that I have been there..and if you would like to talk to me about stuff and I can share things with you that i have done..I swear we have alot in common...neway suicidal_desires..its one of those yahoo groups

Pat O
There's no really easy way to kill yourself. The human body wants to live and even ppl with horrific injuries from plane crashes or cliff falls survive. Unfortunately the people left behind after someone dies are the ones who suffer the pain and grief which is usually even more than the person who wants to kill themselves feels. Don't inflict pain on those who love you and make them feel as bad as you do. Talk to friends or teachers or even strangers. It's amazing how many ppl can make you feel even a little better.

I think its different from person to person. I don't condone this, but I can't judge...I have my own struggles with it. And no, you're not crazy. Life can be such a struggle...hang in there. Living means eventually dying, so living may be the easiest way lol.


Don't do it.

Mars Mission Clarity
Not at all instead get treated for your sadness / depression and find a new happy life again, please call lifeline in Australia on 13 111 4 or 000 if you have a plan or 911 in USA. Please don't try it ok ? Best Wishes. Mars Mission.

ur crazy

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