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Does stress cause static electricity in people?
I have been under extreme pressure for a long time. For the last couple of weeks or so everything I touch shocks me. Even non-electric items such as a ceramic statue got me twice now. My family thinks its funny but it's getting old. We only have 2 throw rugs in the house and no carpet. I finally found shampoo and cream rinse that help some but not completely. Other than being extra staticky I am not sick and feel fine. Any suggestions?

Stress can do many things, but static electricity I do not think is one of them. There is most likely a low humidity level in the environment and your home. Get a cold humidifier, use lotion to keep your skin less dry and even put a very tiny amount in your hair to keep it from being a static cling magnent. Keep a fan going also to keep the air moving. The air tend to become more eletrical when the air is stagnant.

No, I don't believe stress causes static electricity. I would suspect the air has been drier in the past few weeks (than previously).

I don't think that stress can cause that. However stress can do strange things your body and mind. You may need to see a counselor or a doctor to help relieve some stress. Good Luck.

I suppose if you're more stressed you pace around more and in that way you could build up more static charge...


Terry F
You need to add moisture into your air. Try a humidifier and that should take care of that.

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