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 If I tell my therapist I'm suicidal, will I get sent to a suicide place?
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By suicide ...

Does a Mental illness Go Away?
what if someone had depression and Anxiety does it go away?
and does Schizophrenia go away? i dont have it but i know someone who does

Amy Johnson
depression and anxiety can, but i'm not sure about schizophrenia

Obi Okeke
Hi. It really depends on what type of mental illness you are referring to. Mental health issues such as Post-Truamatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and types of anxiety and depression do 'go away' with regular talking, therapy and possible prescribed medicine. These type of conditions are only temporary and for this reason should be referred to as 'mental health issues'. Mental illness is quite different. Extremely severe mental illnesses like Bipolar disorder, clinical and major depression and schizophrenia are unfortunately chronic and medication needs to be taken every day for possibly the rest of the person's life. However, fear not. People with these conditions can lead totally happy and normal lives with the appropriate medication and counselling.

The Incredible Sulk
Not by itself, no. But it can be conquered, as I can attest from personal experience.

I don't know about Schizophrenia, but I'm sure its harder to beat than anxiety and depression.

Depression and Anxiety, I think so yeah. But Schizophrenia I don't know

Max Rockatansky
Some do some don't. Schizophrenia for instance does NOT go away. It needs to be treated with meds all the time or bad things can and do happen. Read the news about some tragedies of Schizophrenics going off their meds. It's very ugly.
Depression and or anxiety can go away sometimes if dealt with on a professional level but sometimes you need meds to correct the chemical imbalance especially if it runs in the family. That makes it genetic instead of environmental.

That depends on the nature of the problem. Depression is often temporary, and anxiety can lessen, but something like schizophrenia never goes away (though it can become less problematic).

it doesnt just go away like a cold. it needs to be treated.
if treated it can be gotten rid of. people can treat them selves. if they know what they are doing. just like training yourself not to do a certain tick.

depression and anxiety are not technically mental illness more than they are a state of mind, those will go away if the person's quality of life improves. making them happy.

It all depends on what is causing the problem. For most cases but not all with depression, it has to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain. That's why people will say they have to take their "meds". The medicine helps the chemicals balance out stopping the problem. In cases that it is not a chemical imbalance, sometimes they just need to figure out what causes the depression and make that more positive.

Factors that cause the illness matter too. What causes the anxiety? Is it the environment? Did it develop because of something going on where they live? Some people form social anxiety because they were always shy and no one helped them learn how to cope with it. Others are just born with anxiety that grows over time.

Schizophrenia I don't know as much about, but I'm guess it has to do with the brain/chemical balance and how things work. If there is a lot of stress or something is working right in the brain, it could take a little more than will power to get over it. Things like schizophrenia never really go away. You can lessen the effects and make is a smaller part of life, but it's not something you just erase from life.

If you know someone, talk to them about their options. Tell them they should see a doctor to know how severe it is. they won't have to take treatment, but they should find out what's going on. Maybe with a good friend's help it can be overcome with a positive outlook and will power.

Mars Mission Clarity
Sometimes depression and anxiety can be

normalised though Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Very Very occasionally the illness can be of short duration

if handled by a specialist, but the person will need ongoing help.

The illness doesn't go away but sometimes the suffering ceases.

Best Wishes.

Mars Mission.


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