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 scared of growing up?
Im 15 (16 in july) and scared of growing up, I started online schooling about a year ago and think that has contributed because i don't have close friends really anymore, so i want to go back to ...

 Okay so my girlfriend of 5 years has found out she now has bipolar, Can anyone help me understand what it is?
My girl friend told me she has bipolar 2 weeks ago and im finding to very hard to understand. She tells me i dont understand what is wrong with her but she dosent explain it that well. What is ...

 Help with my seperation anxiety?
i really dont know whats wrong with me. i am 12 years oold and i cant go anywhere without feeling home sick and feeling like i have to puke. i know i wont puke but i make myself feel like that. if i ...

 I feel down all the time... I need help?
I feel very down alot of the time :/
I really dont know what to do with myself, I have done alot of things, I have forced myself to throw up alot but have stopped that when i lost alot of weight....

 What mental illness could cause a person to kill a member of their own family?

 What is wrong with me, i dont want to do anything?
I never want to do anything i don't know what to do, like for example i really like video games, and even though i want to play them, on the other side I don't feel like playing, i feel ...

 Do you ever get days where you just randomly cry?
I get days where i feel really down for no reason and everything gets to me so much. But all last night and today i have felt so down, and like a i want to cry. Which i have a few times, it helps for ...

 Do you think we all go through a stage of depression at some point in our lives?
Like we have that year in life in which nothing makes us happy, or we get all paranoid over things and think that the whole world hates us or that no one likes us or something...? I had a few years ...

 why didnt i die???????????????
I took 300 5mg valium tablets plus 48 serapax andh only slept for a couple of hours.It sounds unreal,i did it and dont believe it,it's not a lie,how could i have not died,i also had heroin in my ...

 Can someone give me advice coz am on the verge of suiside here , i hate boarding school ,my boyfriend recently?

 please help...i just need advice?
i really really hate myself right now, i have done for the past few days, i found out my boyfriend of 2 and a half years has been seriously lying to be about our whole relationship for the ...

 Nightmares; will they ever stop?
I have nightmares every night. I am in therapy and diagnosed with PTSD. I have a past of abuse but sometimes these nightmares aren't about that, they're about all kinds of things. Losing ...

 is sleep paralysis dangerous?
i sleep and then i wake up i try to get up to get dressed i can't move so i try and call my mom but i can't even talk so i try to move my legs again but they are frozen so i wait and then ...

 Is this depression? i cant cope anymore "/?
It started around 5 months ago, and its got worse the past month or so. I'm constantly crying and feeling so low about myself, I absolutely hate the way I look and I've started starving ...

 Is This Normal or Not?
So I'm 13 and I get really dizzy I take tablets for iron because its low band my vision goes weird. Sometimes I cant walk at times and I'm really depressed I burst out into tears for no ...

 What do you think about girls with aspergers/social anxiety disorder?

 Have you ever felt so miserable that you laughed so hard?
I just want to know if any of you guys experienced that. Why would you do that? Aren't you supposed to cry or something?...

 Lack of sleep-rapid thoughts?
I have bipolar disorder (diagnosed 15 yrs ago). I take very minimal medication due to having four children and a life and the fact that I grew up seeing my bipolar mother over-medicate while growing ...

 I often feel too "tired" to shower and when I do, I take a long time to start cleaning myself and finishing it?
Why does that happen? Is that anxiety?...

 What are the negative effects of lacking sleep?
I just want to see if I am right. these people are keeping me awake with BS....

Kyndal Watson
Does Xanax make you sleepy? Im always sleepy on it!!?
I take 0.5 mg of Xanax every morning and Im always tired always!!!! Is this normal....I have Clonopin to take before bedtime but I dont take it bc my grandmother tried to Overdose on it last year and Im too worried to take it..:/ is it normal for me to feel tired all the time on just 0.5 mg of Xanax a day??? I have General Anxiety Disorder and some OCD I was Diagnosed on October 27th.

I hate it when docs prescribe meds for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! if you stay on the med, you may need to decrease the dose even more. Look into Cognitive behavioral Therapy.

Xanax is supposed to relax you. Depending on your tollerance to it.. It could have little affect, or even make you sleepy. You should notify your practitioner about this =]

tod m
diabetes causes fatigue, avoid sugar, a1c diabetes tests are easy.

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