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Do people with depression really mean to hurt the ones they love the most?
Or is it the depression acting out in them?
There's no reason my boyfriend can honestly mean some of the things he says to me, because I know they are not true! And I know that I don't deserve to hear the things he says sometimes, I do everything I can to make him happy, and I do nothing to deserve the way I'm treated, I know that!
Do depressed people really believe the things they say to and about others? Or is it just the depression? and Do they really think you are doing something wrong? when you know for a fact your not, and you have no idea why they would think that?

Jason Thompson
There are two paths you can go one. You can rather break up with him, there's PLENTY of fish in the sea that appreciate people like you or you just need to take a break from him and hang with your friends, I'm not saying to break up but just choose to hang with friends first before your bf. Good luck

Gerri B
no, Depression hurts and they don't know why they are depressed.

As someone with depression I know I've hurt and lost the trust of a lot of people. Mental health issues, when they aren't being treated, can seriously mess up relationships. Is your boyfriend getting help for is problems? If he isn't, you need to talk to his family and tell them what's going on.

It's good that you know not to let it get to you. When I was very ill and untreated, I didn't want help at all. I lashed out at the people I loved because I knew they would try to treat my depression, and I didn't want to change. I think deep down I was just scared, and I'm sure your boyfriend is, too.

Personally, I think the worst part of depression is how simply ALONE you feel. Even if you have dozens of people looking out for you it can feel completely isolated and helpless. Make sure he knows that there is hope and that people care about him.

I'm not saying he's in the right here, but I can easily see this from his point of view. I am still going down the long list of people I still need to make things right with, even after a year of treatment. It's not going to be easy but if he's a good person, he'll apologize once he realizes what exactly he's said to you.

I'll tell you from personal experience:
I doubt it is, why would someone deliberately try to hurt a loved one? He's probably frustrated with the fact the no one understands what he's going through (we're all sure no one understands us when we're depressed).He's probably not conscious of it, and if you confront him with it'd be counter productive because 1: he's in a sensitive state at the moment, so he's probably gonna be defensive and 2: that'll probably make him feel worse because' he'll feel bad at making you feel bad without realizing it.

At the same time, it's a necessity to sympathize with you because depression does not relieve him of responsibility, more-so conditions it.
Do you know why he's depressed? What has him down? is it something in particular, a chain of events, or just a sudden onset of apathy? Sometimes discretion goes out the window because, with depression, you begin to care less about things and, at the root of the disease, oneself, and many (social and relationship wise in this case) aspects can be affected.

I'm depressed because of my living situation. My girlfriend and had some pretty stupid fights. I don't feel like I would deserve her if I wasn't man enough to admit I needed to change some of my behavior. I was and I did. Otherwise, if he can't help you on this, he needs to do a lot of growing before he's ready for a real relationship. Thats not your responsibility.

Be careful. You may feel strong now but if someone continually puts you down, you will start to think it may be true when it isn't.

He has issues he's not dealt with yet. He's striking out, boiling over when there's nowhere constructive to put his energy. He needs to find out how to deal with his issues and treat people with more respect. Most likely, he needs help. People that don't get help for these things have to spend years loosing relationships before they realize change would be good.

its like when you are mad and you snap at people. you don't really mean it right?

Of course not... They are just acting out in a moment without thinking.

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