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Do padded cells still exist in psychiatric units?
If so, are they used very often? If not, what's the alternative for preventing inmates harming themselves?

Andy T
i think so - in order to best protect the person incarcerated within

Yes they do. They also use high doses of anti-psychotics to make someone lose consciousness.

Little Miss Berry
In the UK Psychiatric hospitals they are called 'Seclusion Rooms'. If a person has required C & R (control and restraint) they are often put in a seclusion room to have sedatives administered.

I've been to two different NHS psychiatric hospitals in London, four times, and I have never seen a padded cell, or arm/leg restraints. I have schizophrenia and have been restrained countless times while in hospital. Their approach for me was to put me on a bed on my front, and have four nurses pin me down to the bed with their own physical strength, and later intervene with i.m. lorazepam (sedative injection into a muscle). However, on the first 3 admissions, I was under 18 and so in an adolescent ward. I suppose that they have different approaches there. However, when I went the fourth time, I was just over 18, so I was in an adult ward. Still, they had the same approach. I've never been in seclusion though, because I was far too dangerous. I've been to a secure unit before, and they used physical strength and the i.m. too. In fact the rooms that I have been restained in have concrete walls, which I find strange.

Yes they do I saw one when a friend of mine was on a 72 hour hold. This lady was going nut so, screaming kicking etc. And this was in the straight jacket but she could still jump around. It was a room with nothing in it but padded walls & floor so no one could hurt themself why the drugs were kicking in.

ooh i hope so,

Yes, but they're not called "cells"! They have mats on the floor and on the walls.

yes have seen the one at the QE in birmingham for myself

Psychiatric units often have one or two, but they don't use them often. It is better than using strait jackets. Most places don't use strait jackets anymore. Usually they just give them sedatives or 24 hour supervision. The other way to prevent harming behavior is to take away any possible tools for harming, but patients can be very creative. They will even use toilet paper to hurt themselves, so you still have to keep a close eye on them.

yes they call them quiet rooms and when we misbehave we get put in a strait jacket and locked inside so we can scream all we want without interferring with others or bothering the doctors and nurses, until out medication takes affect

no these days and for some time medication takes over from any 'padded cell' there are still isolation rooms for those patients in a deep psychotic state.such as catatonia,and violent psychotic episodes.patients need a place to rest and get back some dignity.medication helps that process.

They do have padded cells in certain hospitals. I worked in a mental hospital and there were a couple of the rooms that had padding on the walls to prevent the patients from injuring themselves.

course they do

Scott Bull
Yup, they do, most hospitals also have at least a few padded rooms too, (I was placed in one once when I was having a violent Epileptic seizure), not that it mattered either way, during a seizure I don't feel pain. Most units also have arm and leg restraints, and also sedatives too, though the humanity and civility of many of these methods is questionnable.

Dave S
Yes they do. The only other alternative is physical restraints or medication.

I have no idea but Id guess so.

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