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Can you kill yourself by taking too many panadols?
If you can, any type of panadol would do right?

Arro M

panadol and drink soda

uhh, my friend tried. yes but unlikely.

only if you re extremely lucky. Most likely the collateral damage that takes place leaves you with a load of irreparable problems that will make you life worse than a living hell.

Stupid Shield
why are you planning on killing yuourself?

OMG sure you can but you scare me wow are you planning on killing yourself

Yes, you can kill yourself using Panadol. It contains paracetamol(acetaminophen) which is highly toxic to the liver.
Please don't do it. Dying of an acetaminophen overdose is one of the most terrible ways to die that I can think of. You feel fine for a day or two and then all hell breaks loose as all your organs slowly shut down and die. You are awake and conscious for all this and it takes about a week to die in agony and terror.
Talk to someone...anyone...if you are having suicidal thoughts. It is never a solution.

Yes you can. Please seek help if you are suicidal.

Jesus is a sweetheart
Put it this way you will probally end up with liver or kidney damage do you want that?

Yes, Like any medicine, too much of something can harm you. If you are thinking of harming yourself, talk to your parents, or a priest, rabbi, or member of your clergy. I wish you luck.

Yes you can. Most of the time though people don't die straight away, that happens several weeks later due to liver failure which is very nasty indeed. Why do you want to kill yourself? No matter how badly your feeling suicide is not the answer. Whatever your going through, you have to remember that it wont last forever and you will feel better one day. Have hope and strength. It may seem impossible but you can get through it. Remember who you really are. Suicide isn't what you want, you want to get away from your problems. Why not try to think of a solution that's a little less permanent? You can do this!


Laurence B
Yeah, I suppose you can OD on that medication. But like paracetamol, you would foam and bleed from the mouth for about 30 minutes before dying. Apparently it's extremely painful!

Just see your GP/doctor, he/she can help people with any problems like this.

∫e mousquetaire XVI
please , please seek help, now, anybody a family member ? friend ? panadols can ' liquidate ' your internal organs causing a very slow ' agonizing ' death , i read about this a while ago.. i hope you find help as this is no joking matter. godbless

tamisara sez
Why do you want to know? You're question is a bit worrying, yes panadol will kill, the active ingredient is paracetamol. It is one of the worst things to try to kill yourself from though. It may not (probably won't in fact) kill immediately, you may be sick, and then feel better, only to go into irreversible liver failure days later, and die a very painful death. This is a sick question, don't think this way, call the Samaritans

Jack X
Around 10-12 grams of acetaminophen is considered toxic. It's a bad way to go, though. Irreversible liver failure within 12-24 hours, followed by a couple of weeks of sheer agony, followed by death. I'd recommend against it.

danilo d
Hey. Regarding your question about Panadol. I have actually overdosed on it before (attempting suicide) Panadol is one of the WORST medications a person can overdose on. Imagine your liver as some vegetable that you've boiled for half an hour in a steamer , thats basically what a panadol overdose will do. Panadol is not a quick painfree way to die, it can take up to seven days to kill someone and if the person isn't treated in time, the doctors can not do anything to reverse the damage. Trust me overdosing on panadol is disgusting, you will throw up, not like your normal throwing up which is bad enough, this throwing up is like from deep inside your stomach, it is full of acid and it burns your throat and sometimes nose. A doctor will know if you have taken Panadol because by the time your throwing up you will be screaming at them that you took panadol and also because they take blood tests. If you know your friend has taken an overdose of panadol than you NEED to either get her to hospital or tell an adult. 10 panadol isn't lethal but obviously there is a reason why he or she is doing this, so maybe the hospital will be able to help with his or her issues. Also depending on the person and if they have had previous panadol overdoses than that will depend on the toxicity of there blood, so its better to be safe than sorry and get them to a hospital. I'm actually in the middle of talking to people from parliment in regards to panadol,i'm trying to get it harder to purchase, its ridiculous how people can walk into a servo and buy 4 packets of panadol. I hope this information can help. Remember a panadol overdose makes you feel yuck, 99% of people regret taking it the next day because it makes you feel so yuck. Get your friend to google beyond blue, its a great website. Good Luck

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