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Candy Cane
Can excessive stress, alone, kill you?
I've been going through a LOT of stress lately, & my body is having all sorts of unusual reactions. It feels like I might die soon. & I also heard that stress can bring on heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, etc. I already had 2 strokes @ age 5.

Bradley P
In your case, Hell Yes. I hope your doctor knows about this and can do something to help....

In general, yes it can. It certainly doesn't make any pre-existing health problems any better. And what happens in general, with excessive distress, is that your body gets locked in one pattern, the *Up* state, until the hormonal imbalance starts to kill cells. Too much cortisol kills off brain cells. Too much epinephrine (a.k.a. adrenaline) ends up causing digestive problems. It also keeps you awake at night so your body doesn't heal or recover so well.

Eventually this also screws with the dopamine side of your neuro-transmitters, which can lead to clumsiness, irritable bowel syndrome, lots of things.

Basically....your body gets stuck in do-or-die mode, with nothing to do, and after it becomes weeks, into months, into years, it starts to break your body down. It will lead to high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol, and heart failure.

So yeah. See your doctor ASAP. You're more vulnerable to this stuff than average. What takes years to kill someone healthier might only take weeks to kill you.

I hope this was helpful.

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