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When your whole family is fighting all day... your parents are about to get divorced unless something big saves their marriage, you have no friends, u have been called of all tipes of things (surely ...

 Is there any drug-free way to help depression? I don't like the idea of taking pills.?

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please in your opinion.In mine no suicide is not a sin....

Tomorrow i will be weighed and if ive not maintained my weight (havent, probably and cant bear to weigh myself at home) then they are going to make me an inpatient for anorexia...i cant do it im ...

 I've attempted suicide about 6 times in the past two months and I am still suicidal ?
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 Is it weird to have a imaginary friend?
My twin sister is popular and normal. But she has a imaginary friend who she talks to. Since were 13, I find it really weird. My older sister told me its normal. Shes not in depression and has many ...

 what do u think about people who throw their babies away in the trash can and leave them for dead?
there's been another reported case of this today 02-12-08...

 Should I make Game Over of my life ? I Can't Play it.It's too hard ?
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 I'm going to die in about 3 days. What should I do with my time ?
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 Stress is a monster and it's eating me alive, what can I do?
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 Please help me...this is VERY important. Life/Death situation.?
I know someone who self-injures. I'm not sure if she can be classified as a cutter because she doesn't really cut and she doesn't do that often (she does it like maybe once a month or ...

 I havnt Been Happy for ages?
I cant remeber being properly happy inside for about 2 years now. I lost most of my young teenage years playing video games and now im 17 i just lost all my friends and now i dont have any friends ...

 do i have a problem?
i think i'm fat. im 5'4/5'5, 112lbs
i go through these things where i wont go over 300 cal for a few days then binge like mad on the fourth, i have lost half a stone recently, ...

 I'm going through something that I can't explain. Anyone out there been so depressed that they cant do a thing?
I'm really, really scared. Just writing it down helps me get it out a little. I just want to know that I'm not alone - I guess :(...

 What's bothering you right now?
i just hit myself with a baseball bat 387 times.
i was trying to break my ribs.
so that i would no longer be a disappointment to my parents, my team, myself.
it didnt work.


 Please help... I don't know why I feel so depressed...?
I'm 15 years old, yet I feel so sad. I cry all the time, I wake up having the same horrific nightmares over and over again, my grades are dropping, I feel like everyone is talking about me and I ...

 I'm sleeping 12 - 13 hours per day ,why is this happening?
I still feel tired afterwards , I try to get up and I wind up going back to sleep . What could be causing this?...

 Why is it that no matter how many psychologists I see and now matter how many pills I take I'm still suffering
from depression, anxiety, social phobia, anger issues, delusions etc? I have seen like 5 different psychologists, taken all different kinds of meds and I still struggle with this constant loneliness ...

Am i just being ungrateful?
I live in a wealthy family and have a nice home and go to a good school and have a kind family. Nothing really awful has happened to me but I feel so depressed all the time. Ive been diagnosed with clinical depression a year ago but its got worse. am i just being ungrateful?


absolutely not. i somehow feel the same way. i mean i am not rich but i lead a happy life. i think that the reason is because you need to experience more of the world. see something new. have lifechanging experiences - happy ones and look back on them whenever you feel that way. also 2 million teens in the US are diagnosed with depression each year. so you certainly arent being ungrateful

No ofcourse not. Things make different people depressed so you just need to figure out what works best for you and what makes you happy. It's not up to you if your family is wealthy, or if you have a nice house.

no, your not.

Detective C
We don't know your life! Are you willing and trying for whatever causes this depression to be changed?

Heart Felt
You need a challenge, something that you master and gives you confidence. Is there anything you can think of like sports, music, volunteerism or some other passion? You really do not have it all, yet. You will be grateful when you really try for something and maybe do not get it but are proud of the ambition, proud of others, being a help to others (kind of ironic). Best wishes for your future!

no it could be that you have an empty feeling inside
you should probably go to counseling and they will probably help you find out why you have gone into depression.
Don't worry soon it will all be over :)

Your depression may be nothing more than a slight chemical imbalance. I'd visit a psychiatrist - not a doctor and not a counselor. Afterwards, I look into the things that help hold you together, personal hobbies excercise, good sleep, and a reasonable diet.

And don't feel that because you have it well, your automatically going to have it happy. Much of happiness has to be sought out in your own personal way

Dominique P
Of course your not! Depression doesn't only happen to those who have experienced something bad, it can just happen. My sister was diagnosed with depression, she took medication for a while and is okay, she gets bad for a while and then settles again. Don't make yourself worse by saying that your ungrateful, your not. These things just happen and we have no control over it. I hope you get better :) xx

No, you are not ungrateful. You have a psychological problem. Make sure to take your medication for depression and go to counseling if you need to talk to someone. Also, exercise is supposed to be a natural mood lifter. Maybe you should try running or going on long walks when you feel down.

really thats just for you to decide. but if you wanna talk about it you can email me.

im in school to become a counselor and i've suffered depression.

No, you cant help it.

I think you need to exercise and get out and volunteer for some good cause. Eating right is a great helper also. Staying busy doesn't give you time to think about yourself.

Eat healthy. One of the things is, when you are depressed, your eating habits start to slide. It's very important, it could improve noticably if you eat healthily and stop eating junk and take care of your body. yes, you are being ungrateful if you don't do this-people don't know, but it can improve your outlook and so can the simple things in life like a hug, family togetherness, and watching the sunrise and set.

im no doctor so this is all just thought but maybe you need more to your life emotionally. Personally as a struggling parent I am normally happy beside stress about bills but obviously money doesn't make people happy in their hearts just their belongings. The connection between being wealthy and unhappy may be a little one. So I would definitely say you aren't being ungrateful because wealth isn't what makes you smile inside!! Hope this helps

Why so cereal?
iunno it depends on so much. It would take you hours to explain everything we need to know before we can determine that. Since you realize that you might be ungrateful then i doubt you are

Not at all

No you didnt ask for depression .... :D

and ANYBODY can get it :D so talk to somone .


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