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 Ear stretching problem?
I've been gradually stretching my ears for the past 2 1/2 years. I've been at 2 ga for about 4 months and went to 0 ga on Friday. I ripped my left ear and its very sore.

Does ...

 finger is slightly swolen (about 4-5 days) and feels like its jammed but i haven't done anything...?
really hurts to bend my finger or straighten it out...i haven't done anything to it...any ideas of what it could be or how i can get rid of some of the pain??? thanks!!!...

 blury eyes???
i sufer from dry eue sydrome and for the past few weeks i have ntoiced that somtimes juring the day my eyes go blury like i have some sleepy dust in ym eye or sumthing it takes about 20 mins before ...

 What do you do if your friend is having a n epileptic attack and foam is coming out of his mouth and nose?
What was happening in his body? what should I have done? Was he breathing,(he had no pulse) but strangled at a certain point ,at what point does one die?...

 Back pain and leg numbness, no cause?
I'm now at wits end... Bout 3 months ago i was injured at work..
My work history is impeccable and always worked extra hours so malingering isnt an issue.. I am a workaholic.. and can'...

 I have question about damaged muscle from ACL surgery I had when i was 18 now i am 22?
OK i was wondering if they had some type of surgery to replace that damaged muscle in my leg
because i cant put my leg up all the way by my self i have to pull it up by my hands,...

 my question is about my foot. well i fall down last year but i didn't break it just hurt it. but now i notice
notice that it's bigger then my left foot and when i put my shoes on. my right foot hurt more when i put my shoe on. sometime i cant walk. any advise. thank ...

 torn Achilles heal still hurts 6 months later?
i had physio on it i can now walk no problem but it is still swollen and after doing my job[postman] it is sore for a few hours,is this something that will eventually go.because its getting on my ...

 CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please help?
ok i took everyones advice on my previous questuin and went to the doctors about my fingers.
his diagnosis was that i had a collerteral ligament sprain on my fingers
1)i am goin back soon ...

 How does it feel to have a broken punched nose?

 What is Micro tear?
What happens? How does is happen (most often)? What are the effects? On a scale of 1-10, ten being permanent, noticeable damage, how will it affect your athletic performance? How can you make sure ...

 What's the best way to treat a broken toe?
Broke my toe yesterday and today it's totally black and blue (middle toe).

Are there any tips/tricks to broken toe? Just gotta wait it out?...

 Wha do you do if your stomach is hurting really bad and you don't know what to do?

 Do you know people who cuts their wrists?
I know one, but if I give the name than I"m going to get in big trouble because he uses Yahoo! too....

 What causes a bruise to form?

 pain in lower back and between shoulder blades?
for the last year or so i feel like i was hit with a bat between my shoulders, and i have these lumps in my lower back , the hurt like the devil, i have an appt. for another mri, i am wondering if ...

 could my son have permanent hearing loss do to an air horn?
My olders son's friend was playing around and took one of those air horns you buy at party city and blew it right into my younger sons ear and it caused his ear drum to burst. Could this turn ...

 How do I know if I've got shin splits??
I take 2 hours of dance class a week and I think I've got shin splits but I'm not sure. There are times when my shins hurt terribly and sometimes it's so bad that I can't walk for ...

 I fell down this morning on a skim of ice, and hit my knee pretty hard....?
I'm sure it isn't broken because I can move it, but when I stand and my pajama pants even touch it, and they're soft, my knee stings pretty bad and hurts. When you look at my knee, it ...

 won't a minor meniscal tear heal itself? isn't our body capable of healing itself?
i think its a meniscal tear and had done research coz i could hear a popping sound during the pains when i bend my knees. i honestly don't know how i've hurt my knees. i used to be able to ...

Lord Diabolus
why don't i bruise?
its been over three years since i have gotten a bruise, during a certain point of my life it seems that i just stopped bruising. I broke a bench with my shin, kicked someone in their elbow, and alot of other just generally painful things. Nothing short of being beaten with a sharp wooden pole will bruise me, someone said it was a lack of vitamins but i eat healthy and take a multivitamin. any ideas?

was the bench made of foam and the kick to the elbow soft?
or are you a martial artist developing "iron shirt"

Be glad that you don't. I bruise very easily. It takes as little as a hard poke and I bruise.

Joey K
Ha ha, um after your little stories, I dont think not bruising is your biggest problem.

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