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 as a massage therapist are you allowed to practice massage while getting your CEU's?
I'm interested in taking massage therapy courses and would like to know if while getting your ceu's if you can still practice massage? ceu's are continuing education units....

 Help Please Back Injury :(! ?
Heeeey Im a 14 year old girl,

I hurt my back a few weeks nearly a month ago doing gymnastics, i was doing a front tucked somersault and freaked out in the middle and landed on my front but ...

 2 days ago i got kicked and hit?
2 days ago i got kicked and hit to my head im 19 yo ive had a swollen left side near my temple its really tender ive had bad headaches everytime i stand up i feel bit dizzy and my vision is ok ...

 Is it normal for your lower back to hurt after deadlifting?
I just performed my very first and second deadlift workout last week and both times my lower back hurts the next day. Is this normal? Could the pain mean I'm doing deadlifts incorrectly?...

 This Is Very Hard Someone Please Help; This would affect my LIFEE?
Soo im 16 yrs old; currently attending highschool and doing very horrible btw! I have 9 credits in the 11th grade and should have about 30 something; havent passed ANY regents; well I rlly am ...

 Today, I popped my knee out of socket. I'm pretty sure its back in place? But it feels really funny when I?
move it? I don't know if its out of place or not? It hurts a little bit right now, but when I move it, the pain doesn't necessarily increase, I just get this really funny feeling. I don'...

 How should I care for a popped burn blister?
I've been handling my gerbil.Is that safe or will I get an infection? If I've already gotten an infection,how could I tell?

It's a small area on my index finger(dime-sized)....

 my knee hurts what do i do?
my knee hurts bad when i stand up straight for about five minutes but sometimes it wont hurt if i jog for thirty minutes which is really odd. help!...

 can you talk after you've been shot by a gun in the lung? Would you die instantly?
I'm writing a story and my character gets shot by a rifle in the lung. Could he talk or would he just lay there? Would he die instantly? Thank you!...

 my nail is broken and I'm afraid it's not going to grow back?
A month ago, I had an incident: I was reaching for the door handle in the lobby of my condo, and I felt a static shock. I retracted my hand, but my middle finger was caught by the door handle and the ...

 My big toe had been swollen for 4 months....what's wrong with it?
Well about 4 months ago I did something to my big toe..and at the time it swelled up to about 3 times the size it was before..now it is about twice as big as it should be around the bunion area and ...

 Help Please Back Injury :(!?
Heeeey Im a 14 year old girl,

I hurt my back a few weeks back doing gymnastics, i was doing a front tucked somersault and freaked out in the middle and landed on my front but i think i ...

 is my arm fractured or is it sprained?
during basketball practice i went up for a dunk, and got knocked off balance in mid air by a defender. i ended up falling and landing on my right arm, more precisely on my fully extended right arm. ...

 can physical therapy help me with this problem?
I am a 33 year old male and for the last 20 months I've been having chronic pain on my neck, upper back, back of the head, and some headaches!

The pain feels dull and is caused in a ...

 What is the back part of the thigh called?
What is the back part of the thigh called?

Just thigh? right?...

 Broken rib????????????
Ok so today at school I was standing on a chair and I slipped and fell backwards into the edge of the table. The pain was awful and I felt dizzy and very ill. I went to the nurse, as I had trouble ...

 My mother has Alzheimers, she fell and broke her hip 7 days ago.?
Breaking her hip has really taken a toll on her. Now she has been hospitalized again and has blood clots in her lungs that they are treating with blood thinners. They want to put in a filter, and I ...

 i tore my meniscus, and it isnt healing... what's next?
i tore my meniscus about 7 weeks ago, and it doesnt feel any better. i go back in a couple days, and i have no idea what he is going to recomend. its a small tear, on my medial meniscus, and its in ...

 I have a bad splinter and it hurts to pull it. What do i do?
I just got a splinter on my foot and when i use the tweezers everytime i tweeze it, it stings very very bad...Any Advice?...

 have i fractured my heel or just bruised it?
so basically i jumped from a height of about 4/5 foot and landed completely wrong. i landed straight on my right heel and it hurt like crazy. there was very bad pain but it got slightly better after ...

Blabla Bodada
whats the easiest way to break your wrist at home?
pleaseee no rude or mean comments i heard about one with poatoes n it sounds weird buy i dont no how do it. plsss like easyyy ways oh and i heard about this chair one were u rap it around da chair n push up or something i really wana try the chair one anyone know how?? if not tell me some easier ways thankkkssss...

man in a mouse suit
no matter how you do it..it will be extremely painful and can affect your mobility forever. whatever your problem is a broken wrist will not fix it

Brittney Christine
take your wrist and just keep on twisting it

It would be better if you explained why you want to break your wrist?? You really do not want to break your wrist because it is very delicate and very hard to heal. You would be much better off breaking your arm instead, simpler break, easier to heal and will not come back later in life to haunt you like a wrist break will.

Display Name
I broke my wrist when I was 7 by falling of the monkey bar.

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