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 Dr. said my 3 yr old doesn't need a cast 4 a broken colarbone. Is that true? I'm afraid it won't heal right.

 a jacket hit my eye,it's been tearing,and it hurts, what do i do to make it better?

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 Help with a shoulder injury...?
Okay, here's what happened. In December of 2007, I injured my shoulder. I got thrown on the ground and a 250-pound guy fell on me while my shoulder was pinned under me (wrestling). I got x-rays ...

 Help me! banana problems!!?
my pet banana has gone on a rampage and shot my cat! hes eaten all my chocolate and I'm really getting hungry!!

What do I do??...

 Is it possible to actually smack someone into next tuesday?
today is the 21st and i really don't want to deal with this week....

 How Long Are You In The Hospital For If You Beak Your Arm?
My mate Ellie broke her arm a couple of minutes ago. I was wondering what time she'll be back. She fractures the first half of her arm (wrist to elbow) Thanks. Also, does anybody know how long ...

 how to sprain your ankle badly enough to get crutches?
I don't want to break it, i just want to sprain it bad enough that i don't have to do gym for a couple weeks or so. So I basically just want to know how to sprain it without it hurting to ...

 Help! My left thumb is twitching!?
It's been twitching every 45 ...

 How serious is my cutting problem?
I cut myself with a kitchen knife so the cut turns red and sort of rises from regular skin level but I don't draw blood. Is it still serious? Would an adult still think it was serious?...

 i cut myself and its gaping.?
NO I had ni intentions od dying.. I'm just really scared. I did it around 730 pm and its been bleeding off n on all night. When I relax my wrist its gaping but when I flex it back you can see ...

 I'm getting these pains across my chest, kinda like a tightening feeling around my chest, i've also been?
expeiencing back pain also shortness of ...

 What kind of infection follows an untreated gunshot wound?
Say a gunshot wound is delivered to the left shoulder. It is not deadly, but the bullet isn't removed until at least two weeks later with no treatment, medication or anything.

What ...

 how can you break your arm?
plz give me some ideas i dont mind pain DONT WASTE YOUR TIME SAYING IM CRAZY IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING ps: im not crazy i just want to do it because i want to know what its ...

 Is there any way to make scars less visible?
Ummm... They're on my wrist... And I want to be able to wear t-shirts and stuff without worrying about constantly hiding them and stuff....

 my calves hurt from exercising, how can i ease the pain?
they have been hurting since Sunday :( i took aspirin and i massaged them but they still hurt. i was hoping to workout again during the week (jogging) and i also have many things to do but i can ...

 What are some funny nicknames I can call my friend w/ a sprained ankle?
Dont worry, its a joke, i broke my foot last year and she called me things like "Crip" so now I want some names to tease her with since she will have a boot on for the next 2 weeks ... THANK...

 have YOU ever injured yourself trying to take a boy scout out of a horses hoof with a penknife?

 Slammed finger in car door today, ripped cuticle off. Now angry red, swollen & painful. Should i see a doctor?
My cuticle bled for about an hour afterwards. My nail bed is slightly purple, but the angry redness is gradually spreading on the skin around the nail. I'm having no trouble bending my finger, ...

 My Doctor's Orders-- What Now?
Broke my middle finger - in a big splint and cast. Must keep it elevated up at face-level for 4 weeks. Feels like im giving every one I see the finger.!!! weird....

what to do about a bruised thumbnail?
well i was lifting weights and i dropped a 25 pound weight on my thumb and in the top left corner of my left thumbnail is purple and i heard your supposed to stab it and i thought it would get infected so what do i do

I've had a couple of my nails get hit and then turn purple. Generally, you wait for a new nail to grow underneath, and the top layer nail will come off. I don't recommend you stabbing it though.

Jacob L
If infection is be likely, go to the doctor.

Bend lead in my bare hands
This has happened many times at my work place and this is what the doctor did, Heat up a Needle till it's red hot and burn it into the nail carefully until blood comes out, you will feel the relief straight away, just put a covering over it for a day. or you could leave it and put up with the pain for a few days.

That happened to me once from slamming my thumb in a car door. You just have to wait for it to heal. It may fall off, but whatever you do, don't stab it!

if theres no blood behind it just leave it, if you can see blood you can try and use a needle, kinda twist it slowly beetween your fingers until it goes thru your nail to drain the blood out. Take your time

leave it alone. it will be sore but will go away.

「Buta Uri」♥『聴豕』
Take the smallest drill bit you can find (do NOT put it in a drill) and roll it between your fingers into your nail to make a hole. Your nail isn't that hard so it shouldn't take long. Then once you hit skin, take a needle and poke your bruise and then squeeze your thumb. It should be ok.

angel h
just leave it. the bruise is only blood building up a little under the nail. worse case scenario is the nail will fall off but most likely it will heal in a week or so

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