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 if i was to get my tongue pierced now,would i be able to drink alcohol in the nxt 2 days without any problems?

 I think I have a blister but I'm not sure.?
I've been working out a lot lately, and I have these two little white spots on my feet that hurt when I work out (they're about the size of an eraser). Are they blisters? How do I get rid ...

 what should i do my toenail is falling off?
So yesterday i was carrying a tv and i dropped it on my toe and the nail its really loose and sticking out. It only bleeds a little but i don't know what i should do....

 I believe I have badly sprained my wrist but half my family believes it to be broken. what do you think?
I went to ride a dirt bike for the first time today and I totally wiped out within the first five minutes but i got back up and continued to ride for half an hour. I went down on my left side but my ...

 i have a scar how do i reduce its appearance?
is there any creams or something i can put on it? its an old scar i got it around march this year so its not new....

 Cut myself shaving 2 days ago, still bleeding?!?!?!?
i dont even know how, but i took off like a whole chunck of skin on my leg! it still hurts, and is still bleeding alot. i have a bandaid on it but idk what to do help?...

 I dont know what is wrong with my finger!!!? more details?
I recently jammed my finger while playing basketball. (The same one I had surgery on by doing the same thing). I hurt it a couple weeks ago. It hurts on the bottom of the finger. Near the volar areas....

 Could my finger be broken?
At about 12 this afternoon, I dropped a brick on my finger outside on accident. It's 6 hours later and it is still throbbing and I can't move it without excruciating pain. I also get some ...

 is this an ankle sprain?
while i was jumping hurdles, i landed wrong and my ankle bent all the way to the right and i started limping but i can't move it a lot anymore and now its swelling. if this is, then how long ...

 Hurt my ankle maybe broken/sprain?
Ok so me and my friends were messing around basically he threw a piece of wood at me i kick it.The thing is i kicked it hard not with my foot but my ankle.Now it hurts to touch looks swollen and ...

 I just swallowed superglue! im scared! help please!?
hi. i just accidentally swallowed a small amount of sticky superglue. and my throat really hurts and kind of burns! im so scared, could i die??????? the glue is called UHU. i have been drinking loads ...

 if my ankle is sprained do you think i can still be in a fashion show next week and wear knee high boots?

 Is my ankle broken or sprained?
so i am a level 9 gymnast and flip over 4 inch beams and fly over skinny bars all the time, but i happen to be very clumsy. i was just standing on a low beam then jumped off, missed the mat and ...

 i have an ankle injury what should i do?
while playing soccer i fell and this BIG girl (im really small) fell on my ankle and twisted it backwards. it's the worst pain i have ever experienced......even though i could barley walked i ...

 i got hurt at work what should i do?
i got my hand broke in several places while at work...what should i do. i got rushed to the emergency room taht night and they took x rays and all that...and my hand is broke... but i was wondering ...

 whats wrong with my eye? please someone answer?
lately my eye has been acting wierd. it feels like the nerve pinches my right eye and automatically it closes by its self. its very uncomfy.whats the [roblem here? it even hurts sometimes. how can i ...

 My friend stabbed me in the back with a pointy pencil?
He stabbed me as hard as he could( he's pretty strong for a13 yr old) Now I got a huge scab (oh yea the tip came off lol) anything I should worry about?...

 Will my fractured ankle heal w/o going to the doctor?
My ankle has been hurting mostly all the time for about 3 years now. Based on descriptions from the internet it seems to be fractured. Is there anything I can do at home to help it heal or just heal ...

 anybody know a way to speed up the healing process?
i jammed my finger real bad on monday. i can tell its gonna hurt for a pretty long time but practice is starting back up on this monday coming up. anybody know anyway too speed up the healing process?...

 My ankle is swollen...?
So in gym class I jumped off the beam and my foot just gave up and i have no idea what I did but it was at like 9:40 am and I didn't think it was that bad but then i realized at like 1:50 it was ...

what is wrong with my toe?
so a couple months ago the right side of my left leg's big toe started to hurt. it got kinda red and swollen and i thought it was an ingrown toenail. my mom said it was cause my shoes were too small and gave me neosporin to put on. i did, and it eventually went away. but now that same problem jumped to the other side of the same toe. once again, it became red and swollen, hurt to walk, and it definitely hurt if i press the side of my toe( just like months ago). it went away, but keeps coming back, and going away, but now that its back, the left corner of my toenail seems like its turning black. not the toenail itself, but under the toenail. honestly, im pretty scared. what's wrong with it? also, both times that this has happened, the area between the skin and the toenail got really hard and stiff.

It's an ingrown toenail. Put a tiny piece of cotton between the skin and your toenail.

King Nevarra
You're club-footed.


its a toe nail infection. it has to do with mabyesoap or your socks or your shoes mabye clean your shoes very well throw the socks away. and get new soap i had the same thing in the &th grade and it turned a purple color. the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about but isnt good to have for as long as i did.

The sky is falling!!!!!!
try seeing a podiatrist (foot doctor)

Maybe a small family of gypsies have moved into your toe, and the pain is caused by their cooking fires. OK...not very likely...but we should investigate all possibilities, no matter how seemingly ridiculous.

It does sound like an ingrown toenail. this being the case try cutting a V in the center of this toe nail. If it is ingrown this will relieve some of the pressure.

Masterious Splinterous
I think its and ingrown toenail. They tend to come and go spontaneously. The black stuff is probably coagulated blood or an infection and the hardness is because it is filled with pus and fluid. I'd go to the doctor and have them look at it.

well, this could gout, which you could see a doctor about, and if it is gout, its nothing serious at all. hope it gets better :)

Asta Mowth
Sounds like you've got the blues. Try learning the guitar so you can express your feelings.

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