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 Pulled muscle help please?
I pulled a muscle a couple of months ago but it still hasn't gone away. The weekend before I started dance I had my splits like an inch off the ground. That same weekend I pulled a muscle in my ...

 Concerned about a cut.?
I fell in work on saturday night and cut my thigh quite badly. The cut bled a lot at the time but it hasn't bled since.
My main concern is that it is still quite wet because i have to keep ...

 I had my stitches taken out today and...?10 Points!!?
I was told I had to keep the area dry. It's my arm right by my elbow, but does anyone think it is sensible to wash there now? They said to keep it dry when the stitches were in, but today they ...

 pain in my upper left hand side i was doing press ups was wondering if i have pulled a muscle?
the pain is on left hand side just below arm pit is there muscles in that area ?...

 In practising martial arts is it dangerous to get body punches from my partner? Can it cause serious damage?

 How to fake a sports injury?
I play on a high school sports team and stress has been growing immensely on my shoulders, either from my large workload, more than a person in my grade usually gets, and my practice schedule. I don&...

 stomach cramping really bad, hurts to stand?
I started getting stomach cramps about 6 hours ago, they seem to go away when i'm laying down but when i stand up it hurts. I've tried to go to the bathroom and only mucus comes out. I did ...

 Is there anything which can be done for a broken pinky toe?
I had an X-ray on Friday and the technician told me my toe is "cracked".

I am in constant pain (it hurts like a b***h!!!!)...I didn't know my pinky toe could turn my whole ...

 i just broke my arm wat can i do to take my mind off the pain?
i fell off a ...

 i punched the wall hard, my knuckles all swollen and i cant move one of my fingers.?
what should i do?><...

 Humerus swelling & bruising?
Thanxs Jo. Will be calling GP today for emergency appt to check sling and indented forearm mishappened swelling! looks like an elongated balloon with a knot in it, and thereafter my wrist is normal ...

 Recipes for fracture jaw?
We have a friend staying with us who has their Jaw wired shut. I am looking for some recipes so that he can stay healthy while on a liquid diet. as well as having a variety of foods to eat... T...

 Broken wrist healing?
Hey guys,

I'm 23 years old (not a kid...unfortunately, because my healing ability has slowed with age) and broken my wrist 4 weeks ago. It was a fracture to the distal radius and ...

 How long does it take a broken bone in the forearm To heal?
I broke it last week and it's in cast, it's the major bone in the forearm and I would like to know how long it will take to fix....

 is my wrist strained?
work at a veterinary clinic. lifted a big dog of the table and hurt my wrist. very painful when i pull my fingers backwards. pain is just below my thump, by the lower hand part......

 Is my finger broken or something?
I've just noticed that my middle finger, at the base on the palm side just above where the knuckle is, there is a weird sort of hard lump (not visible) which feels like bone that hurts when I ...

 taping a potato to your ankle?
Ok. so my friend told me that if you tape a potato to your ankle, it will make it swell up. Why is that? ...

 Please answer this and don't judge me because I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS?
When I was five, I broke my arm at the elbow, was in plaster for 6 weeks from wrist to shoulder, did not vomit once from the pain. Also torn 2 ligaments in my wrist and foot and not vomited.


 Would an injury affect an eye exam?
I need to get a new eyeglass prescription but recently pulled a rib muscle (owie). It's a bit better now but I expect to have issues with it for a little longer....

 What is Wrong With My Knee Please Help?
i messed up my knee yesterday and my right knee cap goes to the left of my knee a little so it looks deformed. I can walk on it fine and ther is no swelling but when i stand straight my knee cap ...

what does it mean when my thumb clicks?
every time i bend it it clicks and i can feel it clicking

Its a second joint in the thumb I have it its cool haha.

Mr E
likely you have nerve interference affecting the median nerve. since there is an overlap of nerve roots to both at c8, most chronic or recurring upper extremity symptoms also indicate nerve interference to the heart, although this is not to say it is of a sufficient severity or duration to be of any serious concern yet. see an hio method upper cervical specific chiropractor.

Which part is clicking (which joint specifically) and does it hurt?

If it is the second joint in the thumb (not the one nearest the nail), it could be something called De Quervain's tenosynovitis. This is where the tendon in the thumb gets caught on the sheath that it should ordinarily slide into without your being aware of it. I have had this myself and it can be painful when it gets caught. I was told that the only options were surgery or steroid injections, but I wasn't prepared to have either, so they eventually strapped it up with a splint so I couldn't move it and after a long time - almost a year - it finally healed itself.

Another possibility is trigger finger - or in your case, trigger thumb: http://www.davidlnelson.md/Trigger_Finger.htm

If, however, there is no pain and your thumb has always clicked, it is unlikely to be cause for concern. Some people have looser joints than others and it's not anything to worry about.

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