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 My back.................................?
My lower back really hurts when I try to stretch or do sit ups?

Cause and how do I get rid of it?

(In pain)...

 Help! knee hurts?! injury!?
so i was running iin soc cer and realized that my knee was starting to hurt then i came home and elevated it and put ace bandage around with ice and nothing working whats the matter?!...

 i really NEED to break my wrist [read & help]?
i think it might be fractured right now, im not sure.
if u read my other question, you would know what i am talking about.

i want to break it. because, as messed up as it is, i think ...

 help pleaase my leg hurts so bad?
ok so im 13 and when ever i walk or put any pressure of any kind on my left leg i have this sharp pain in it right in the middle and parents wont take me to the doctors . what could it be???????????...

 Can any doctors or someone figure out what is wrong?
I think theres something wrong, this just started happening today. When i go to bathroom it hurts to pee & then when im done, theres blood. but im not on my period. & theres only blood ...

 How do I knock someone out without any harm?
some kid named evan bullies everyone i know, including me. i used to be his friend but he made everyone think im a psychotic freak like him. i know many people who would hurt him but wont because ...

 I just fell and cracked my head open...it's bleeding a lot...what to do?

 Did I hurt my ankle? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN! (10 PTS)?
Ok so just now I fell and my foot twisted outward. My Achilles tendon hurts but i can put weight on my foot, but it does feel really weak and my Achilles tendon still hurts. Also my foot cracks when I...

 how do i get out of gym class?
for the last two weeks i have said that i didn't have my gym suit, and now my grade dropped to a D-. thanks for the suggestions! please no rude and obnoxious answers....

 Eyes are red and strained from playing too many video games????????????
i have been playing video games for about 3 and a half hours. my eyes are red and hurt a little. how can i stop the hurting and red eyes? i am trying to take a break, but anything else i can do?...

 how to break my leg/ankle/foot in my bedroom! Any tips?
i want to break my leg/ankle/foot badly! its to get outta gym and i want crutches.
my bed is'nt very tall, its around a foot and a half on the floor..
but i really want to!

 can i numb my finger then break it?
i want to numb my pinkie and then try to break it. is this possible?
please no answers about seeing help....

 I cut myself and the skin is split open?
I cut myself in the front of my shoulder. It didn't hurt too bad, but the skin is split open, making way to a little valley in my skin about an inch long.

It is bleeding pretty ...

 Did i pull a mussel or something?
ok i play hockey and i was winding up for a slap shot but all of a sudden i hurt my right arm and that was like two weeks ago and i had to miss this weekends games because it hurt to bad but all the ...

 a glass fell on my husband's head and injured him. he was bleeding and now his vision is impaired.what is it?
is it serious because he has been complaining of throbbing headaches since that day....

 How can i fake something to go to the hospital?
my friend needs something so she is admitted to the hospital. she is not mentally sick, we just need something. we need only real answers. could be something involving a procedure.. i ONLY need real ...

 I burned myself on the oven and I need to know if there's something other than ice to keep it from hurting

 Ideas to cheer up my 3 year old brother that just got a cast on his fractured wrist?
He is laying on the coucn. And i w ant to cheer him up. and make him happy. he just got the cast on his wrist today and got pins in his wrist....

 My Toe Nail Has Broke Off?
I was on holiday and i fell of a rock and all of my nail came off, and now im home and its tryin to heal and ive put it in salt water, but it keeps stinging and i have to put plasters on it for bed ...

 Vein on my ankle is swelling up?
On my left ankle the vein is swelling up so it is a good 1/2 inch - 1 inch higher then the rest of my foot. I have a bad right ankle and have seen no sign of it there, only on my left ankle. I am ...

what do you do for a broken rib?


black people!

When my sister broke her rib, they did'nt do anything except wrap her torso in a tight ace like bandage and restricted her activities and doped her up. I think unless it punctures something there's not much they can do other thn let it heal itself.

Go to the doctor/ hospital, get X-rays if theres something wrong they will give you some pain medication, if your lucky. Happened to me a few years ago, they wont bandage it up ha its inside you, thats crazy. All they can do is give you medication and tell you to take it easy.

Spartak Abramov
you go to a doctor

Pain killers as needed. You should see a medical professional as it's possible although unlikely for a broken rib to puncture a lung then hospitalisation is needed. Don't strap them up, that can lead to problems through not breathing deeply enough and then getting lung infection. You need to be able to breath deeply and normally, hence the pain killers because it hurts like hell otherwise. Avoid coughing and laughing if at all possible.

nothing - current practice is to not even bind it (potential lung damage.) You can go to an orthopedist but all he'll do is tell you to come back in 2 weeks for another x-ray.

Can't really do anything. Just take it easy.

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