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 how do i heal a sprained foot?
i jumped a 12 stair and i sprained should i go to the docter ? and dont complane about the price for the docter.And how do i heal it fast?...

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 They think its not broken?
My mom says my toe is just jammed.... thats why she wont take me to the doctor! IF IT WAS JAMMED, WOULD IT HURT 15 HOURS LATER? I just want to know..... IT HURTS SO BAD! I CANT EVEN WALK OR STAND ON I...

 On my right eye I have red area on the white.?
It doesn't hurt but just sort of has a feeling like something is going on there. It's kind've of a redness that's spread over a quarter of the white of the eye. Could I have ...

 is my foot broken?////?
i was at my friend cathys i was onthe rope swing and my foot was in the loop and in twisted and i heard a crunch it happened ...

 would you rather have a hook for an arm or a stick for a leg?

 is this a sprained ankle?
i missed a step today, and fell down some stairs.
my ankle hurt a lot when i first did it but went after a minute or so, and now only hurts mildly when pressure is put on it, or it is in a weird ...

 What's wrong with my finger?
My right index finger started hurting a few days ago, and there was this blus sopt on there. At first, I thought it was a splinter, but as the days passed on, that part of my finger became hyper ...

 When someone cuts there rist, Its cutting the vain that kills them right?

 Life threatening situation!?
I'm thirteen years old and I have been experiencing pain in the back of my right knee. I didn't do anything that would cause injury (I haven't fallen or anything). I do go to camp ...

 How much longer until the swelling goes down?
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 I bit through my lip!?
Like, there is a hole in my lip. I was eating and I didn't mean to. It didn't go through the skin on the outside but it is a hole inside of my mouth. I could stick a needle through the hole ...

 Back muscle strain... should I use ice or heat?
I was "helping" my 65lb Lab into the tub tonight, and I felt the muscles in my lower back strain, and now I believe they are going into spasm. I've had lower back problems for a long ...

 Help.. I have sun burns on shoulders and back, It's there for three days and it does really hurt:(

 I sprained my ankle an hour ago... what type of doctor should I go see tomorrow?

I was cutting my nails and one flew in my eye and i tried to flush it with water and saline solution but i still feel it in my eye!
my parents wont do anything about it!
help what should i ...

 i went sledding, tried to grab a pole and.....{serious answers only}?
now my shoulder hurts really bad. its a sharp pain, in one area. its under my shoulder blade. it hurts to move it and to walk (the vibrations). should i see a normal Doctor or a chiropractor? how ...

 Can a doctor tellhow you broke your wrist, PLEASE HELP!?
Ok If I go in for x-rays on my wrist can a doctor tell what happened or if the story doesn't match the injury?...

 How do I remove strapping tape without it hurting like a (*#$(*@)*@$?
Its on my knee, thank you :)...

the left side of my hip is REALLY hurting, i can hardly walk. Whats wrong?
i was doing a lot of excersise on Monday to Tuesday; running, walking, jumping and biking. And my hip was hurting a bit.
It didn't hurt yesterday afternoon/evening.

Whats wrong?
What can i do to make it stop?

Mike T
snap your arm so you forget bout your hip

Don't Ask Stupid questions
its called working out, your mucsles are going to hurt after your done! and something you can do is stretch before excersicing. that helps ALOT

Wendell C
Sounds like a stress fracture. You'll need to stop exercising for 3 months.

about a month ago i was jogging and fooling around and my right hip hurt so much i couldn't walk but after sitting down for an hour, it was back to normal. you probably pulled something or cracked your hip really hard with out noticing. take a break from exercise and if that doesn't work go to a doctor, were your problem will be solved for sure

A heating pad or a tube sock (clean) filled with white rice tied in a knot at the end heated in a microwave for 2 - 2 1/2 min apply it to the hip and the IT band, Do this at least 3 times a day for a couple of days. Also some pain reliever/anti-inflammatory.

The most important thing to do is to, stretch before and after exercise.
You'll feel better soon. Stay healthy.

Take some ibuprofen and go see a doctor. You may have pulled a muscle, torn a ligament, etc. Only a doc will be able to tell you.

take a pill. go to the doctor, stop exercising

Mr D.
It's like that chick on the biggest loser...she had a stress fracture...but to be sure...go see your doctor..in the meantime...take some advil or something...
Good luck!

Could be that you have a pinched nerve. Warm it up with a heating pad and take a couple of aspirin. If it doesn't go away then you'll have to get a shot from the doc. The medicine relaxes the muscles and you'll be as good as new.

u probably pulled something

Go to a doctor.

Natalie!! <3
You got a side cramp. You gotta take a deap breath and blow it out slowly for as long as you can three times and it should start to go away.

it could be out of place. Go to the chiropractor, they are experts. It doesn't hurt a bit!

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