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 how long will it take to get better?
i sprained my ankle over the weekend and went to my docs who banged me up and said i will be ok in about 2 weeks .But when i went to get my bandages changed the nurse said it could be up to 6 weeks ...

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Dave h
sprained ankle still hurts after 4 weeks?
i rolled over on my ankle 4 weeks ago and sprained it went to hospitial they told me to rest and use ice i did this for a week and then went back to work its still a little swollen i can walk and everything its just that it hurts if i press on the outside of my ankle or if i put my foot in certain positons is this normal will it heal ??? many thanks

As you know, a sprained ankle involves the ligaments which stabilise the ankle joint. There are various different severities of 'sprain'. Some of them are relatively mild and feel better after only a few days. Other sprains may have caused such severe damage to the ligaments that occasionally surgery may be necessary. I don't think that you have an injury as severe as that but you may well have a more mid-range type of injury. Certainly it is not uncommon for patients to feel discomfort for several months afterwards. Keep persevering, use an ankle support when you exercise and all should be well.

As long as you have had an x-ray and the doc has told you that it is not broken, then you need to consider that damage like this can take up to 8 weeks to feel painless. The more you use it the longer it takes. You really need to keep your foot elevated as much as possible, and walk on it every so often, just to keep it all moving. Little and often with the exercises. You can take anti inflammatory and/or paracetamol for the pain. Please check if you are on other medication or allergic to NADS or have stomach problems before taking this medication. If you are still concerned, then contacting your doctor may be best to put your mind at rest. Hope that helps and good luck xx

It will, you'll have to give it more time. I sprained my ankle very badly two years ago and it took about three months before I could walk without limping and for swelling and bruising to go right down. I also had to have crutches for the first two weeks. After about 10 months I could run without it hurting. Rest it as much as you can but also try to move it gently by standing up and down on tip toe. This will help get the strength back. Also keep icing it if it swells up after walking or standing for long periods. It will definitely heal.

go back and get a second look at it mate. anytime ive sprained my ankle it's better within days really so ur one sounds serious. hope it gets back to normal bud.

timothy h
there are a lot of muscles and tendons in the foot, and it bares all your weight and always takes ages to heel.

perhaps you have nerve damage or that its more serious like ligament or tendon damage.

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