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 i think i sprained my wrist by puting golf tees in the really hard ground. is this posibal?
i can't bend my wrist all the way!! it ...

 Lateral stress fracture of the tibia.?
Does anyone know of any alternative solutions for a lateral stress fracture of the tibia. Other then rest, calcium and a bone stimulator?
This has been a reoccuring injury. It has been healed ...

 I have really severe back pain.....IT HURTS TO BREATH?
I had a wreck and fliped 6 times when I was 16. I was not driving. In that wreck I hurt my shoulder because I couldn't raise it above my chest for a week. I was still hurting a couple of weeks ...

 Does anyone have Pars defect?
if so are you now not able to work and are on SSI?...

 I have a 3rd degree separated shoulder.?
Will I ever be able to bench press or do military press again?

I was benching right at 300 lbs before my accident.

I am taking the conservative non surgical treatment, which ...

 how can you heal a bruised bone, fast?

 Pulled Hamstrings or Hamstring Strain?
For any specialists out there, what is your rehabilitation protocol or management for patients with pulled hamstring or Hamstring strain? Thanks in advance!...

 Hi all, broke the base of my 5th metatarsal 2 weeks ago a) should I be walking on it and b) how long to heal?
They never tell you any details at the hospital do they, I have a fibreglass cast on and I have been walking (or should I say hobbling around) but I don't know if I should be. Has anyone else ...

 who is SBC California's Workers Comp group?

 Bruise that wont go away!!!!!!?
Ok. One day I went to softball practice. I got hit just above the ankle in the front of the leg with a softball. I have had this bruise for about 3 maybe 4 months.It still hurts and it is brownish ...

 Tennis elbow - solve by streching?
Tennis elbow - strech solves the problem
I really have to share this. 4 months suffering and after trying the streching method....my tennis elbow gets better.!!!!

This guy suggested ...

 Here is a tough one---?
Around the mid-60s, a young fella lost an arm to an
accident while hooking a ride on a train. His arm was
re-attached in what I think was the first successful
limb re-attach in this ...

 How do i get rid of cubital/carpal tunnel syndrome?
Ok, so i dno wut its called eithere cubital or carpal tunnel syndrome

all i know is Its on my left hand on my pinky only and has something to do with my elbow

I can move my ...

 I have scoliosis & i developed 2 knots on my spine. They hurt really bad & i cant put any pressure on them....
I went to one of those speedparks where you drive those little cars & race around tracks. Well on the last ride (only rode 3) i couldnt get my seatbelt to tighten, which caused me to slide side ...

 sprained wrist...?
how long does it usually take for a bruised wrist bone to completely heal?...

 how do i find Charity's to aid in medical surgery's for the indigent?

 how do i heal a multifidus?
a multifidus is a back muscle that sits primarily along the spine to lowe back and tailbone. i pulled this muscle during a workout doing squats with too much weight. to the best of my knowledge this ...

 How do you get rid of scars that are'nt quite scars yet?
I had a cut on my arm and I think it's turning into a scar but its still red and pink. How can I make it not so visible?...

 Twisted Ankle?
Well, I tripped the other day, and twisted my ankle. It just started hurting yesterday. I can't get a doctors appointment, so does anyone know what to do to get rid of the pain temporarily?

 my mums docters are considering an elbow replacement after a serious crush injury advantages and disadvatages?
can she do anything to prevent this? how long will she take to recover? incedently she got run over by a bus and is otherwise quite unharmed, there is no nerve damage....

serrapeptase enzyme and scar tissue?
will taking serrapeptase help with removing internal scar tissue?

It might, maybe. Worth a try.

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