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my pinky finger is bruised and swollen, does that mean something is broken?

Amir H

No if anything you just bumped it really hard of you have an infection

it could, but it also may not mean anything. They say if you pull on it and it sends a sharp pain up your arm, then its probably broken.

It's not that bad. Just put a wrap bandage or a bandaid on it or you can take some cold ice, Place paper towel under it and place it on your pinky with your hand on your lap lying down somewhere.

Evan A
no you probobly just jammed it and a way to release swelling is to pop it by pulling it out in fact right now i have two jammed fingers

Christine O
If it is swollen it might be broken you might go get it looked at.

Yea, if its all purple and swollen, its probably fractured. Go get it x-ray'd.

No, it does not always mean that. It can mean it is jammed which is painful and can lead to the finger being swollen and bruised but you should keep ice on it until you can get it cheked out by a doctor to see to what extent it is damaged.

Errett J
Its doesn't mean something is broken, but it could be. If you can move your pinky then you should be alright. If its been swollen for a while an you still can't move it well it could be broken, if it is able to move then you could have jammed it (where something pushes it in) which can be very painful.

However, if you were to have a hairline fracture (small crack in the bone) you would still be able to move it, although it'd be very painful. I'd say give it a few days and see how well you can use it an if it's still bothering you go get it checked. Better safe than sorry.

Bob Bobble
get an x ray to be sure


if your pinky was broken you would be in complete agony. I once busted my middle finger quite badly it was blue and twice the size for a couple days, but when the swelling left and it got it's color back it was fine.

masshole in florida
just your pride...stop whining you'd know if it was broke

ac/dc _chick
god no it could just be a jam i get those all the time in bball

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