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 How to treat Scoliosis?
i got diagoinsed with scoliosis a little less than one year ago. since then i've been going to MRI's x-rays and check ups. i have a 27 degree curve. i now have a back brace i have to sleep ...

 one of my ribs is bigger than the other and you can visibly see that through the skin as im really scared help
by the way it doesnt really hurt please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 jammed baby toe, heavily bruised top of foot; can move so no not broken. What did i do to bruise so bad?
jammed or hit toe hard before. first time it bruised top half foot from baby toe to 1st toe, not big toe. cover almost top left half of foot. can walk okay but never had bruised like this before. any ...

 Recovering full range motion in knee, help with excercises?
I had an ACL tear and am about to get a surgery pretty soon. But before i get that i need to get my full range of motion, as in pre injury movement back. I have been doing streching and flexing ...

 I bit the inside of my lip a lot of skin came off. Now its white and swolen ... what can I do?
I went to the dentist and they numbed my mouth and it felt like the inside of my lip was all mushy, and since its been a habit of mine for as long as I can remember, I bit it. It didn't feel ...

 i think i might have broke my wrist but i cant go to the doctor.?
okay os it all started on september 10th when i fell on my wrist at soccer practice but it didn't hurt to bad. i think i jammed it.butttttt i um kept playing and it happened again. and yea need ...

 Doc says some type of tear ?
I injured my knee last night at my job . Doc today it was a tear and wants a mri done..if it is a tear will i need surgery?...

 I think i hurt my back and i don't know what to do. (details below)?
OKay- so two hours ago i was doing a lot of push-ups (and probably pushing my self to hard) and i heard this weird wet-crunching sound come from the left side of my upper back and i dull pain. I ...

 i feel and my ankle hurts really bad casuei landed on it and its a litle swollen i fell early tday is it broke?

 When to see a doctor? Pulled calf.?
When do i see a doctor?

If i pulled my calf skiing.

(sites are good.)...

 why are my legs sore?
whenever i walk home from school my calves get sore,
i like to walk fairly quick..and it seems like all my muscles get tight, and once they get tight, its hard to walk. why do my muscles get ...

 I cut my index finger two weeks ago , have i cut a tendon?
I am working in chile, as a teacher, living with a family, cut my index finger with an axe, just above where you would wear a ring. the wound extends from the middle of the finger round the side. ...

 Back problems?
I have 3 bulging discs in my lower spine i had a mri and a milogram have not been back to the doc for results but i am afraid its surgery anyone out there that may know what i will be expecting when ...

 my mom fell down and she didnt talk then she got up! what happened? im scared?
please!! answer!! i dont know what to do!!!!! im only 14 years ...

 where can I go for answers on becoming my disabled husband's caregiver and receive a salary Ineed to stay home
I need to care for my disabled husband, but I can't quit my job. We need that income and I need insurance. Medicare will not pay for homecare but he can't be left alone. He's already ...

 How can I convert from throwing right-handed to throwing left-handed?
I've been right handed all my life (I'm 15) and can't do anything with my left hand. (write, throw, draw, bat) Recently, my right bicep has been hurting really bad from pitching and ...

 would you sue ?? fractured toe as a result of?
As I entered the store the right door closed faster than the left and my right foot was caught,(automatic doors) I pulled my foot away and initially felt little pain I spoke to the cashier who then ...

 An mri of my right knee shows fluid and bruising no tears so why cant i bend it or bear my weight on it still?
I was in a car accident a little over 2 weeks ago and have not been able to move my leg i can apply pressure but cant bear all my weight or squat down on it. The mri shows no tears but fluid and ...

 If you bend your finger back, Can you break it???

 what is better? ice or heat pad on a knee pain from recent injury?
please chose one!...

Christina I
my knee is warm all the time like it has fever in it . what is it?
this happens when im on it for a couple of hours

like walking around, moving? then i would say somethings wrong.
you should apply ice for 20 minutes at a time
and elevate if above your heart (when laying down)
take advil or something like that for the pain (if there is any)
and rest for a little while if you can

good luck, if it continues i would go to the doctors.

Edema (or swelling) can cause a body part to look red, or feel warm to the touch. The question that really needs to be addressed is, why is your knee swelling?

Many people experience swelling in their lower extremities when standing for long periods of time. Maybe try to sit/stand in intervals? Also, lowering your sodium intake could help with swelling, since salt encourages your body to retain water....

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