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 my mum had surgery to fixed her broken leg last month and now she's having problems with feeling numbess and
having trouble breathing whenever she smells anything like smoke or people cooking foods and saying that she stay in one room for long as she feels stuffy and plus she's a diabete i wonder if ...

 What can I do I make it stop hurting?
Ok, I am a dancer and i'm 13.
i have been dancing 4 eleven years.
tonight at my dance rehersal my back started hurting really bad.
i had to lift someone my age.
And by lift I ...

 What to do with a hurt wrist?
On Wednesday December 9 i was playing soccer and a player kicked the ball at close distance and it it my wrist really hard. It stared swelling right afterward and went numb for a few mins. the next ...

 How do you tell if your finger is sprained, but you don't have the time to see a doctor?
I was recently playing football, and when I tried to catch the football, you jammed right into my finger. Now I do not mean a 'Nerf' ball. I mean a hard, pumped football. It hurts very very ...

 my nose is well too big and cant handle the hassle?
well im 15 years old , i have a massive nose, and people keep tellin mee oh u got a big nose dont ya, even my boyfriend has told me that but he said it like " big nose" n touched my nose

 Dr. said my 3 yr old doesn't need a cast 4 a broken colarbone. Is that true? I'm afraid it won't heal right.

 a jacket hit my eye,it's been tearing,and it hurts, what do i do to make it better?

 I want to play football but my dad adviced me saying i should'nt because i have no stamina and i am not tall.
this means that i really want to play football but my dad told me that i shouldn't because if i do i may get lots of injuries like get a broken leg and get a life sustaining injury and can'...

 Help with a shoulder injury...?
Okay, here's what happened. In December of 2007, I injured my shoulder. I got thrown on the ground and a 250-pound guy fell on me while my shoulder was pinned under me (wrestling). I got x-rays ...

 Help me! banana problems!!?
my pet banana has gone on a rampage and shot my cat! hes eaten all my chocolate and I'm really getting hungry!!

What do I do??...

 Is it possible to actually smack someone into next tuesday?
today is the 21st and i really don't want to deal with this week....

 How Long Are You In The Hospital For If You Beak Your Arm?
My mate Ellie broke her arm a couple of minutes ago. I was wondering what time she'll be back. She fractures the first half of her arm (wrist to elbow) Thanks. Also, does anybody know how long ...

 how to sprain your ankle badly enough to get crutches?
I don't want to break it, i just want to sprain it bad enough that i don't have to do gym for a couple weeks or so. So I basically just want to know how to sprain it without it hurting to ...

 Help! My left thumb is twitching!?
It's been twitching every 45 ...

 How serious is my cutting problem?
I cut myself with a kitchen knife so the cut turns red and sort of rises from regular skin level but I don't draw blood. Is it still serious? Would an adult still think it was serious?...

 i cut myself and its gaping.?
NO I had ni intentions od dying.. I'm just really scared. I did it around 730 pm and its been bleeding off n on all night. When I relax my wrist its gaping but when I flex it back you can see ...

 I'm getting these pains across my chest, kinda like a tightening feeling around my chest, i've also been?
expeiencing back pain also shortness of ...

 What kind of infection follows an untreated gunshot wound?
Say a gunshot wound is delivered to the left shoulder. It is not deadly, but the bullet isn't removed until at least two weeks later with no treatment, medication or anything.

What ...

 how can you break your arm?
plz give me some ideas i dont mind pain DONT WASTE YOUR TIME SAYING IM CRAZY IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING ps: im not crazy i just want to do it because i want to know what its ...

 Is there any way to make scars less visible?
Ummm... They're on my wrist... And I want to be able to wear t-shirts and stuff without worrying about constantly hiding them and stuff....

lets say you hurt yourself at work?
lets say you hurt yourself from work and have to do light labour office work your injury is your foot and you have to go to therapy three times a week but the bosses in the office are telling you when they hurt themselves they were at work the next day would you go back to work and mabey do damage or would you ride out the commentswhat would you do?

jessey freemen

Take care of yourself first. I hope you have a union. If you do, use them. I broke my ankle 6 yrs ago & went back to full duty (as a mail carrier on a street route) & now I have osetoarthritis in it which would not have progressed as fast as it did. I recently went out on disability. Our office harrassed light duty people to try to get them to quit. Your situation depends on how much emotional stress you can handle. I couldn't take it anymore.

I think you would call that harrasment. They are telling you how weak you are. Forget them. Did you report your injury since you hurt yourself on the job?

ok so are they paying for this really stay home if you had a jop that you sat down all day then go but other then that DONT GO

If you hurt or got injured at work and you reported it to your supervisors and a written report was made, then you must abide by what their doctor or your doctor says. Supervisors and or bosses are not paid by the hour and if they chose to go back to work the next day, that is their own decision. You on the other hand must take care of yourself and do as the doctor order, your supervisors must abide by the doctors decisions about you getting back to work without limitations. If you have any further question about this subject, email me. Been there and done it.

this sounds like when my grandfather had to walk 10 miles to schools in the rain when he was a kid. what i would do is just simply tell your boss this "that's why your the boss and i am not" if you have a dr.s note there is nothing they can do so if it keeps up keep a log of everything and file a harassment report.

Usually if you hurt yourself at work it is called workmans compensation, by California law, they do not want you to be off work so they let you go back to work under Modified or Light duty
or sit down work only, until you recover from your injury,
If you decide to take off work yourself you will not be paid any compensation, so just try to follow the rules and your doctor's intructions and make ure your employers follows you dorctor instructions if you have to go back to Modified duty, if not you need to let your doctor know, if you still have questions you can contact your insurance claims adjuster who is handling your work comp claim .

You would still have to go to work no matter what the cause is. If you don't go into work you wouldn't get paid.

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