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 If surgical consent is not obtained for a non-life threatening injury & performed anyway is that Malpractice?
I was admitted and signed for Pain Management and ER Protocols. The ER staff immediately put me on Morphine (high Dose) and never discussed surgery while I was coherent and capable of making an ...

 My eye was red when I woke up?
This morning when I woke up and my left eye was all red and it looked like I had poped a blood vessel. Its been there and it wont go away. What is it and should I go get it checked out and when will ...

 Problem With my foot.?
I cut the bottom of my foot at my highschool wall out side ( brick corner) Long story but anyways i have a pretty big cut nothing to big for stiches tho. And it was really swollen that night . Its ...

 Any suggestions?
I was hit in the nose w/ a full water bottle, almost made me pass out. I got a terrible headache shortly after that so I went to bed, then I got very sick and threw up. Was very sleepy but tried ...

 i got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and today it has started bleeding, it this normal?
i got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and today it has started bleeding, it this normal?
am concerned , so any answers would be appreciated.

 What is causing double vision in my 72 year old friend. She has a history of TIA's 70% carotid blockage?

 What should I do for my twisted knee?
I twisted it skiing. It twisted away from my body so badly that my hip hurts. Am i sxrewed for life? Will it ever heal? Am i prone to reinjury? Thanks....

 How do I know if my foot is fractured?
I slammed my foot really hard, and now I can't walk on it, and I'm in a lot of pain if I even try....could it be a foot fracture? Want to know, before I go to the doctors....

 How to I cover-up a bruise (black eye)?
I had an accident this weekend. Walking down some icy stairs with my son, I slipped and fell and accidently pulled him down with me, resulting in him landing on top of me. His head hit me square on ...

 Who was the first black doctor?

 Is it Broken?
my finger is swollen and it hurts in some places but i can move it.
but when i touch it i can wiggle the bone or something back and ...

 I was sitting in a shopping cart, and my friend crashed me into a dumpster and I hit my wrist, is it sprained?
I crashed into the dumpster pretty hard, and this was last thursday and my wrist still really hurts and is swollen. if its sprained how long will it take to heal?...

 my hubby has to have knee surgery on the patella-tendon area,how long will it take to heal?
His job required climbing and jumping.Does this mean he will have to get on disability? will his knee ever be the same? This was an injury....

 How long does it take for strained hamstings to heal?
I just strained both my hamstrings during track practice. I did the usual things... warm-up, stretches.. when it came to the sprints, my thighs started to hurt.

i'm pretty sure i ...

 Mom in Emergency Room! Help?
My moms arms just started hurting really badly and she couldnt move them so my dad took her to the ER. Does anyone have any ideas to what it could be b/c i am really really worried....

 i broke my growth plate in my wrist last april and i still have pain in it how can i get rid of the pain?
every time i bend it i fell pain like i love to play football and basketball and often after excercise or playin sports it hurt or just moving it some times and i really wanna get rid of this pain ...

 help me please help me lol but seriously?
so i often have this sharp electrifiing pains in my next if i turn it the wrong way or w.e it just happens out of no where and my tong gets numb and my whole head and next is in pain but only for ...

 I had arthroscopic surgery on my right leg last Thursday Feb 1, 2007..?
I have been doing the PT and riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes daily also. I have been resting alot!! Keeping my knee elevated above by heart and using ice 20 minutes about every hour ...

 A question abt head injury?
Yest. my brthr fell down from a moving bus. Bus was going to stop bt he jumped 4m d bus b4 it stopped. He fell down on his back n stuck is occipital part on d ground. Bt he stood up immediately as if ...

 Does anybody work in a wound care center or have been treated at a wound care center?
I have a wound from a sebaceous cyst removal on my chest. I had it removed three months ago. The wound will heal then about a week later it forms a ball of pus under the wound and will ooze out. I ...

knee?? (messed up)?
i hve pain in the front of my right knee.. and a little on both side of it.. some times i will get pain coming from the bottom of my knee into the top of my knee also it locks up sometimes or hurts when i bend it.. i hve been playing basketball for about 9yrs.. what do u think i might hve wrong w/ my knee?? do u think i hve a messed up knee cartilage?? wat else could it be?? hve u ever had this ?? or anything wrong w/ u knee?

Jade S
Same problem with me. There's not a lot they can do unless they just go in ur knee with a camera.I've had surgery on ur knee after playing basketball for 12 years...it's done nothing. I also refused to get the other surgeries I need, which are including a complete knee replacement on both knees.

Just take some IB Prophen or whatever, and ice after playing. I have no cartilage in my knees left, I have pops and bubbley sounds coming out of my knees when I bend down and I have to pop it out of place at least 20 times daily just to walk, even to sit down or get up. So I honestly, I suggest (this coming from a 17 year old) to not even ever consider knee surgery. Unless it's a Torn ACL or Meniscus.

But go to your doctor to get a pro's oppinion, and see where they send you. I think you need an MRI if it's THAT bad.

Good luck with it.

PS- You don't have Osgood Schlatter Disease unless you have a massive bump beneath your knee cap...I have that as well, you'd know if you had that...trust me.

Strains are injuries that affect muscles or tendons, thick bands that attach muscles to bones. They occur in response to a quick tear, twist, or pull of the muscle. Strains are an acute type of injury that results from overstretching or over contraction. Pain, weakness, and muscle spasms are common symptoms experienced after a strain occurs.

Sprains are injuries that affect ligaments, thick bands of cartilage that attach bone to bone. They occur in response to a stretch or tear of a ligament. Sprains are an acute type of injury that results from trauma such as a fall or outside force that displaces the surrounding joint from its normal alignment. Sprains can range from a mild ligamentous stretch to a complete tear. Bruising, swelling, instability, and painful movement are common symptoms experienced after a sprain occurs.

RICE is the acronym used for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is used as the best initial treatment of soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, and contusions. The combination of RICE helps reduce inflammation that occurs after acute injury. It is important to remember that the earlier this treatment is put into place, the more effective it is.

Rest: Rest and protect the injured area. If it hurts to bear weight on the injury, use crutches, or a cane.

Ice: Apply ice to the injury. The cold will reduce swelling and pain at the injured site. This step should be done as soon as possible. Apply the frozen object to the area for 20 minutes three times a day for the first 48 hours.

Compression: Compress the injured site. This will decreases swelling of the injured region. Although the wrap should be snug, make sure it is not too tight as this can cause numbness, tingling, or increased pain.

Elevation: Elevate the injured area above the level of the heart as much as possible. This technique will also assist in reducing the amount of swelling to the injured site.

Once the pain and swelling are eliminated, you should start gradual range of motion exercises but not to the point of pain. Each day your range of motion will increase slightly. Continue until you have complete range of motion. Than start gentle strengthening exercises to re-build the strength in the knee.

The stiffness will go away over time.

Good Luck

I would say go to a doctor. Better safe than sorry.

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