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 My left arm keeps going numb and having tingles for the past 2 months anybody have any ideas?

 no water for a month?
I dont like water and all my husband and i do is drink cold drinks and juices. I haven't drank water in two months,, sometimes it's even longer. what is the health affects of not drinking ...

 I burned my finger,ice isn't helping at all?
i burned my finger when taking a dish out of the oven. the oven was set at 350 degrees F. Like I said, ice isn't helping,neither is neosporin.
what do i do?...

 I'm 16, should I head to the ER?
Yesterday, A lightning bolt hit our house, went through my computer, and struck me in the leg. I was thrown from my chair, and paramedics were called.
They did some tests, and said that I was ...

 How to break or twist your leg?
please give me ways to break or twist my leg. please dont give me answers like, why would you want to break your leg or that's srupid get a life. just please give me a reason. and can you do it ...

 knee problem?
I have had really bad knee pain latley. It feels like my knee is going to pop and there is a lot of pressure and pain. There is also a round ball thing that sticks on the left side underneath my knee ...

 Worst injury while drunk?
Have you ever injured yourself while drunk?
Did you feel it at the moment or did it really hit you hard until the next day?...

 Do you think i'd get an X-ray on the NHS?
I have always had dodgy ribs on one side of my chest... my mum tells me she could feel it when i was a baby.

It feels as if a couple of my ribs have fused together to form a very thick, ...

 Do you think it could be broken?
A few years ago I broke my hand and wrist, and the other day at soccer practice I fell really weird on it again. It wasn't my wrist, but the bottom of my thumb (where it connects to my hand) is ...

 I just fell on my ankle what should I do?
Here's the deal, I was walking downstairs today from my bedroom and somebody's shoes were at the bottom of them, I like tripped on the shoe and fell down on my ankle, now it does hurt, I ...

 Can you get high off of motrin?
I am not going to get high, or anything so no worries.
But I've been taking motrin for tendonitis (inflammatories)
and I was wondering that if you took 3 motrins at once, what would ...

 how can i get cuts on my arm to heal and fade quikly?
ive been using peroxcide and i think its workin but any other ideas?...

 How do I convince my doctor to do surgery instead of physical therapy?
So I'm 16, and my right shoulder dislocates on a regular basis. It's been a problem since 8th grade..and the doctor always gives me cortisone shots and sends me to physical therapy. It'...

 I got small cut on my palm with metal. Should I go to doctor?
Hi, yesterday while opening a metal box I got a cut on my palm. It cut my palm skin little deep 1mm to 2mm. I applied dettol and also put banded on it. It is not paining much and also dried now. S...

 What is the weirdest medical thing you've had happen to you or someone you know?
I know of someone who got the magnets from one of those flashing badges stuck up their nose and had to have an operation to get them out =S...

 Large ?bruise? hasn't healed for over a month?
I don't know if its a bruise because it doesn't hurt anymore, but it feels rubbery, like a callus, but its pretty big. There isn't much feeling in it. Its on my leg and it doesn't ...

 What are some reasons to wear a helmet?
I have to write an essay about why a helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment. What are reasons you should wear it. Other than that it can save your life/prevents brain injury? Thanks ...

 Can hitting ur thumb with a hammer really break it?
Jw. I've heard many ppl say that but was wondering if Any one has proved it. Broken thumb stories?...

 I fell down the stairs?
I know this is going to sound funny because it kind of is haha, but when i was walking my dog (bare foot) , i have steps leading down my porch and so my dog pulled me down them and i had to jump down....

 I Think I Need Stitches but I Am So Scared!?
I cut my forearm and it is bleeding alot. It is like 7 cm long and it is pretty deep. It hurts alot too. Should i go to the hospital? I am so scared of hospitals and needles and all that stuff. Will I...

if someone got headbutted in the nose, but their nose didn't bleed, could their nose still be broken???
Just wonderin my buddy headbutted another kid and now that kid is sayin his nose is broke

yes nose could be broken

Yes, it is possible. In order for something to bleed, a vein must be broken, and there is a chance that the bone can brake without there being any blood. I doubt the child's nose is actually broken though.... Kids tend to exaggerate.

Jay D
Yes, the nasal bone could be broken even without bleeding being visible


It's entirely possible that the kid has a broken nose even if it didn't bleed.

Well, yah because it can still hurt.

yes it could be and he should have it checked.

yup but there is nothing they can do for it

Yes! It might have bled down the back of their throat, or the trauma to the skin was minimal. If there's a lot of swelling, or a dark bruise, the nose might be broken whether or not there is blood. Only an X-Ray will tell for sure.

Garrett S

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