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 Help with a back injury?
I am 15 years old and a few hours ago I was playing football (soccer) when I twisted suddenly and my back tightened up instantly down one side (under the shoulder blade). The pain was immediate and ...

 How to break my foot?
A metatarsal please?
Will dropping a 13lbs hardback book do it? (from head height 5'6)

VALID REASON! I injured it and it didn't heal right so I need to re-break it!


 Injury Fake help anyone?
Its my last year ever wrestling. Its awful. I have done it too long but this year is the worst. I am cutting 10 lbs every week just to make weight. I am so weak at that weight it is not worth it. I ...

 Im hot but my feet an hands are always ice cold?
My bodies warm but my hands an feet stay ice cold even with socks an blankets, whats up with that?...

 Please help me. Is my foot broken?
So I got kicked in the side/arch of my foot playing soccer last night. At the time it hurt but it went away after a minute or two and I played the rest of the game. When I took my cleats off, I could ...

 Why does my wrist hurt?
I injured my thumb and immobilized it with a thumb brace. But it also was a wrist immobilizer too....

I took it off in october and I still feel pain (not severe) and discomfort around that ...

 did the doctor miss my broken arm????? please help!!!!?
think i have broken my arm. I have all the symptoms and in a lot of pain. I am a 16 year old girl. I we6nt to have an xray and they said they couldnt see any thing. Could this be because the break ...

 is it possible that a fracture in my arm (hairline) didnt show up on the xray?
I think i have broken my arm. I have all the symptoms and in a lot of pain. I am a 16 year old girl. I we6nt to have an xray and they said they couldnt see any thing. Could this be because the break ...

 Would jumping in front of a passing subway train kill you?
What are the survival rates vs. non-survival rates? Thanks....

 How often do you put ice on your knee for swelling?
I'm a 19 year old female. I've been having knee issues since February of 2010. I've already had one knee surgery and scheduled to have another knee surgery in 11 days. I try to ice my ...

 What use for swollen knuckles?
My husband punched the truck window and now his knuckles are swollen, so what can he put for the swollen to be gone?...

 What have I done to my knee???!!?
Well I was led With my leg elevated half on the arm of the sofa and half on the sofa seat. Well there is a bookcase at the foot of the sofa where my foot is on the sofa. My brother pulled a boot of ...

 Ankle Issues? Please help!?
I've had about 5 sprained ankles this year (2010). I think I may have another one or a fracture, but my friend's mom who's a nurse thinks otherwise. She said I may have a virus that ...

 hey! bone grafts?! help! 10 points please answer?
well like its possible i need it on my knee...if it doesnt get better with in the next few months. well expecially those with experience, but anyone, can you tell me about them? like the whole ...

 Your ACL reconstruction experiences/story?!?
Hey, I'm having reconstruction surgery soon, sometime in January. I tore my ACL and lateral meniscus playing volleyball. I just want to know how your surgery went and how it was returning to ...

 My ankle hurts when something taps/hits it.?
My ankle hurts when something hits or taps it, I mean it doesn't hurt with a light tap but I mean it will hurt with a moderate hit or tap as in if I was walking and I hit the end of something. T...

 Can you tell me about this? 10 points easily?
well i went to the doctor..i have a knee tracking problem because i have a spot it my knee where when i hit a growth spurt, it didn't grow so there is like nothing there. well because i am young ...

 Was this a bad break? (20ch)?
Ok well 2 years ago i broke my pinky at cheer leading when a girl came down from a basket toss straight on my pinky. It immediately swelled up and the next night we went to night time the next night. ...

 my mom hit her head???? help?
my mom hit her head on my bunk bed. and then she had a cool feeling come from the bac of her head to somewhat in the middle of her head.... is she goin to be okay :( im really scared :(...

 What workout/s can you do with an injured foot?
I have to wear a cast for a while cause I broke 3 toes, sprained my ankle, and messed up tissue/tendons/ligaments in my left foot. but I have time to waste and if I can do any workouts whatsoever, I&...

Harold Tavon
i think i pulled a muscle in my back? help?
i was benchpressing the other day and the lower right part of my back hurts when i turn around or do certain movement...after a day if it still hurts but not as bad would it be ok to go to boxing practice

Jonathan Woodruff
Yes it will be ok but you could make it worse. My advice would be to rest it for a while. If it doesn't get any better, consult your GP/Doctor.

If you are in pain then you should not further exert yourself. You need to get your back out of pain before doing anything else that can injure you.

You probably strained it rather than pulled it - a pulled or torn back muscle is agony due to fluid from the muscle irritating the nerves. Probably best not to do any twisting or lifting for a few days. Not really much doctors can do for soft tissue injuries.

I think you would probably be ok to go.. you should just make sure you ice it when you get home and maybe see a massage therapist:)

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