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 does your torso stop growing when you have scoliosis?
im 15 and over the summer my dr told me i had scoliosis.. so i went to get an xray and its only a 5% curve (but i have a lot of pain sometimes). my friends mom had surgery for scoliosis and she said ...

 whats wrong with my ankle?? i'm an irish dancer, and i rolled on my ankle?
I had a regional competition a couple weeks ago, and I'd been practicing everyday for at least an hour for weeks before hand. during the competition, something felt off in my foot, and i ended ...

 How long does it take for a fractured toe to heal?
So, I fractured my toe playing soccer and initially when I went to the doctor's office, they said it would take about 2 to 3 weeks for it to heal. They only told me to wrap my toe with gauze ...

 What happens if you never take off your ankle weights?
You can only take them off while sleeping....

 feeling dizzy and kind of nauseous after hitting my head?
I hit my head like a little more than a hour ago. i didnt get knocked out or anything. but now im feeling dizzy and nauseous, wat do i do?...

 Is my big toe broken?
Last night, I happened to look down at my toe and saw it was bleeding underneath the nail. I have had a history with a broken toe before but this has never happened. I didn't drop anything on it ...

 i want to ask how i can recover my left lower eyelid injury?
about 1 year ago i noticed swelling under my left eye i consult some eye specialist but they said that dont need to wory it is minor thing one day i saw that my left lower eyelid is injured from the ...

 Sprained ankle. What should I do?
I live in MN and the part I live in just had a huge snow storm. It's late at night and a lot of the roads are closed and I dont want to go to the hospital because the roads that are open are ...

 what type of doctor do you see for shoulder injuries?
Not a chiropractor but a real doctor that specializes in diagnoses and even ...

 Can I tell how bad my ACL tear is?
I injured my knee playing volleyball last week, it popped when I landed and I fell to the floor in excruciating pain. I went to the ER that night and to an Orthopedic specialist the next day. He did ...

 Severe Concussion . help ?
ohhkay , well yesterday during school in pe class , i got hit by another girl & it knocked me out , & they called EMS to come get me , they got there , put a neck brace on me , put me on a ...

 How to fix my calf muscle...?
I broke my ankle two months ago, and I have been walking on it without anything for about a week now, but my calf is tiny compared to my other one. Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen my ...

 Any relation between fascitis and Achilles tendon Tendonitis?
I suffer from Fascitis, I have suffered from it for a long time, and I did confuse it with Achilles tendonitis for a long time too. I am obsessed with Thaiboxing and kickboxing, and this obviously ...

 Any ideas of whats going on with my head? snowboarding accident?
Alright, this is my secound year, i was going of a small jump and tried doing a 180, EPIC FAIL for me and caught my back edge bad and slammed my head in the snow.
I had a really bad headache.

 How long does a concision take to recover ?
if you got knocked out for 45-60 minutes and hit your head 2 more times in same ...

 how do you break your wrist?
i mean, ive never broke a bone, and never want to, but as the wrist is the most commonly broken bone, i kinda wanna know, PLEEAASSEE ANSWER!...

 My ears ache please help?
I have been listening to mp3s/ipods for about 3 years now on maybe 60% volume. Now just recently my ears have been hurting and rarely I've heard ringing in my ears. I can hear fine but i just ...

 fracture? broken? what?
I am a gymnast and a varsity cheerleader. I run often for 10-20 mins. I have had a sharp pain in my foot directly behind my toes (on the top of my foot) it has often hurt when i am running, jumping, ...

 Leg and hand numbness when I wake up normal?
Sometimes this happens, however not always. My legs are number when I wake up and sometimes it's my hands or both. Some times I am unable to move whatever is numb at all until it relieves. It is ...

Hey I pulled a few muscles forcing myself into the splitz the other day for an audition, and I have to go and teach dance in 3 days and my boss will KILL me if she knew I pulled something! I pulled ...

i fell months ago and my knee hurts... problem?
after of all things, giving blood, i passed out walking away and fell on the ground, when i recovered, i noticed how bad my knee hurt. after a week or so, normal walking or even running gives me no problem, but if my knee is bent in awkward positions, such as indian style sitting, or twisting motions i sometimes get extreme pain in my knee that lasts a few hours. I haven't gone to the doc and i don't really plan on it unless it gets worse but what is the problem? what is torn?!

I highly suggest going to the doctor or even a chiropractor.

its hard to tell unless you go to the doctor and the doctor orders test like x-rays or cat scan. you may have torn something or it may be stretching a muscle or tendon when you feel the pain by siting in awkward positions or twisting motions. I would go to the doctor ASAP because you could make it worse. I fell on black top when i was in high school and my parents would not take me to see the doctor and so when i graduated i saw a doctor and had to have my tendons repaired because every time i put pressure on my leg i was tearing my tendon a little more. Good Luck to you.

St John Cadet
Get to the doctor A.S.A.P. the problem will only get worse, I know for experience as I fell from a six foot ramp onto a metal bar on my knee and never saw a doctor until it got almost unbearable. The doctors now have no idea what I have done and I have to start physio soon which if you live in America will cost you alot of money. You could have torn any of your four cruciate ligaments or your meniscus which if not treated will cause alot more pain and will need much more medical attention and money put into the healing process you may even need surgery.
Hope that helps and that you get better soon.
St John Scooterer

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