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 How do you remove a bruise on the lips?
So, I was making out with my gf for a while and I noticed that she got a bruise on her lips. Is there any way to get off quickly because it looks like that I punched her. Thats what lots of my ...

 Regarding an arm inury- I am left with feelings of numbness, tingling and throbbing. What does this indicate?
On new years eve, i sustained some bad injuries from a fight. My arm was bruised very badly, bruise was 3 in and BLACK. the bruise is now gone, but the part of my arm below where the bruise was and ...

 how to get social security disability?
I shattered my wrist and have lost a lot of mobility and am unable to work at this time and maybe in the future and don't know how to get money to pay my bills and have no ...

 i jammed my finger really hard and now it's black?
I was playing basketball, and this dude fouled me and pushed me down. then he tripped and almost fell on me but i rolled to the side and he landed on my left ring finger. it hurts like it's ...

 what happens when...?
if you mess up ur back can it make ur eyes see dots? or make you go cross eyed a lil cuz idk how i hurt my back but im gettin it checked out tuse and what kind of things do they do to check out my ...

 can anyone help?
my sister have a scar on her forehead now she was in an accident she is now 14 and her scar have been there for years its fully healed and its now a hard lump on her forehead is there a way to use a ...

 How do you cure a jammed finger?

argh my back has been killing me since yesterday.. in the same place.. when i sit down or lie down in a new position then it will stop hurting 4 about 10 seconds.. then it will start again.. argh.. ...

 wrapping shoulder and thigh?
does anyone know how to wrap either or both shoulder or thigh? are there any videos online anywhere? or what are the steps to professionally wrapping them ?

thanks. :]]]...

 i think i sprained my arm...?
i fell off of my bike on saturday, and i think i sprained my arm. is it worth getting an x-ray? how much do they cost.. im only 12. and what is a sprain... like what happens to ur arm when its ...

 Medial knee tenderness-What could it be?
Okay, so I hurt my left knee in December. I knew when I hurt it because I felt a sharp pain and after that it was hard for me to walk. It's either a torn medial meniscus or an inflamed plica ...

 my resume...?
i have to write a resume for my class thats due tomorrow...is it common for a 2nd year student in college like me, to have lesss then half a page of info on my resume?...i basically have, education,...

 How can you speed up the healing of a Bruise?
My g-friend bruised her knee really bad six days ago and it is still sore and black & blue.
There is a ring of black & blue around her knee cap.

Please Help......

 popped a blood vessel?
so my friend pinched me in the arm and popped a blood vessel, it swelled up and has gone down a little but has what it feels like a knot, also it is kind of purple and blue. My hand is feeling kind ...

 Have you ever been stabbed??

 I NEED HELP: I lifed a 4 kg weight and soon after...?
my muscles tightened and literally became bigger. The pain in indescribable and I can't even straighten my arm without feeling the pain. Please tell me what to do? It hurts. :(...

 Is it possible to get a cyst in your elbow? And what would be some symptoms?
It's sore and i haven't injured it,,,,,there's a lumpy thingy when you push in that moves around and it's all sticking out there....

 if someone has been in a coma for almost 2 months..................................…
if a 17 yr old boy has been in a coma for 2 months cuz of a car accident... what are the chances of him waking up?

PS: plz be serious this is my best friend im talking ...

 A good strategy for managing emotional stress is?
A. telling yourself you can't handle the problem.
B. recognizing that most problems are temporary and manageable
C reminding yourself how many times you've failed befor.
D. ...

 Very important! How can i find out how many massage related injuries have happened recently (last 10 years????
I need that information for a speech....

i fell at work a couple of days ago and didnt report it i now have back pains. is there still time to report?
i fell on tuesday feb 6, 2007. some employees did see me but i never reported it because it didnt hurt till much later. Now im not getting hours at work! What should i do its been 3 days?

You should still fill out an accident report at work and then go get one at your nearest workmens comp. office and fill it out and have a witness sign it and your boss. He may not like it but you never know what's going to happen in the future. If you don't do any thing you will be stuck with the consiquences.

There is no statue of limitations with workmens comp so hold on to that report.

Back injuries can bring any where from $30,000 to a 100,000 in your pocket. I
know because I did it. If you want more info you can E-mail me.

Sincerely yours,

Fred M. Hunter


You should have reported it immediately. Report it now and tell them you are having pains/problems.

stray cat
Go report it to your super. The one who was working at the time. Generally they will work with you, but technically, they are under no obligation to do anything about it because you didn't report it when it happened.
It might be different if it had to do with faulty equipment, or your super had you do something to jeopardize your health and safety. Even then, you didn't report the injury at the time, nor did you report any faulty equipment or supervisor neglegence.
That's one of a few reasons why employers don't want you to start early and then clock in when you're supposed to. If you're not physcally "on the clock" and get injured while working, they have no obligation to help you with any med. bills that might incur because you technically weren't working.

Don't be afraid to enquire about this with L&I though. Or OSHA.
They might be able to find some way around it, but talk to the super. first.

Contact your supervisor and report the incident. Tell him/her who witnessed the event.

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