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 how have some of you sprained/broken your legs/ankles?
this is for school. did you need crutches?? how long were you injured? THANKS! PLZ ANSWER and can it happen in every day life?? plz explain how it happened to you! ...

 im 13 years old and i play softball. when i bat my hip pops and 1/2 the time it hurts and 1/2 the time it wont?
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 Bruising worse? LEGIT ANSWERS PLEASE?
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Sexy O
i dont know if I have concussion, been 5 days since i have been hit and i just feel no emotion maybe shock?
My head seems ok, just hurts where its been hit, i think i have been a little vague ,

Douglas B
No you haven't. If you feel your neck under the area where you were hit you might find the area sore. That is what we need to get rid of. Even if you don't feel it this is what you have to do to get things back to normal. With one hand inverted, place your thumb in the front of your neck and put your fingers along the muscle in the back. Now pull them together, pushing into your neck, trapping muscles and everything between them and hold it with a good amount of pressure. Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up any part of your body. After 30 seconds, slowly tilt your head the other way as far as it goes. Then release the pressure and hold your head there for one minute. Do the other side the same way. If done right that will take away the uneasy feeling you are experiencing. If any questions contact me.

no emotion is definately not a sign from the hit. that is a psyciatric problem. see a counciller. you could be shocked too i suppose from the hit. depends what happemed and if it cou.d have traumatised you

Jim Hutchinson
If you had a concussion you would have a severe headache. It is possible that you were not hit hard enough to cause any serious damage. You most likely have a bruised cranium. That jolt can cause things to be a vague or blurred memory. It will come back in a few days as the bruising heals.

NIck S
if you feel no emotion that has nothing to do with getting hit and you should see a shrink or psycyatrist. doesnt meant your crazy if you see one. they are just doctors of the mind.

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