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 I have had an accident whilst in Rome I slipped off a pavement and sprained both ankles can i claim?
I slipped off a pavement whilst in Rome and sprained both ankles is there anything I can do to make a claim....

 private or nhs?
which do u think is the best. I personally use Bupa but what happens if you are rushed to hospital? You go to an NHS hospital....

 I have broken my nose in the past & now just breath through my mouth. I cant how ever I try get back to normal
Since I have broken my nose I have beenbreathing in and out through my mouth. When my nose was broken cartliage covered my airways and I started to breath solely through my mouth.Since my nose has ...

 I think I've lost a contact lens in my eye!!!?
Would my eye reject the lens after a while or should I go to the optician to see if it's still in there somewhere? I can't feel or see it, but I don't think it came out either!!...

 Urgent. My daughter has just swallowed a marble!!!?
My 10yr old daughter has just told me she has swallowed a marble. Will she be okay, or should i take her to a&e? Many thanks Thank-you merrick, lol, she had it in her mouth which, yes, was silly, ...

 Muscles Pain.?
Hi, Last night I woke up about 5 and sat up and stretched my legs. It felt really nice until something popped in my left calf muscle and a big lump popped out. It was really really painful and I ...

 Should I sleep with a concussion?
I had a kickboxing bout at 4.30pm (this afternoon) and got knocked the f*ck out. I was out cold for a while and when I came to, I had no idea where I was. The doctor at the event said i'd be ...

 Feeling run down any tips to get on the mend?

 got stitches on hand, do i keep the bandage or is there an alternative so i can move my hand better.?

 I was in a room where nail varnish remover was used, am i in danger?
I was having a work meeting and someone was removing nail polish off their hands and as soon as i walked in the whole room stank, there was 6 of us in the room and no one else seemed bothered by it ...

 I bruise easily, is there something I can do to minimise it.?
It's not a big deal, but even a little bump, leaves me looking like I've been in a huge fight. I have to have blood tests, and the last time I went, I ended up with an enormous bruise on ...

 what do you call a man with no shins ?

 xray question?
Hi guys, can anyone answer my query? Ive got a broken collarbone and have had for 3 and half months now. My last xray showed that the bone had not healed at all and have another one due next week, I ...

 sick pay for accident at work.?
my boyfiened sprained is ankle at work, and got a docotors note signing him ff till today, he got his pay slip and they hve only given 3 days pay, he did it by treading on a bit of plastic to get out ...

 boyfriend broke ribs now coughing a spot of blood?
hi my boyfriend had a accident in his car and broke some ribs on the right chest area on monday and today he said when he coughed and spat it out there was a spot of blood in it i have told him to ...

 i just started lifting weights and my arm cant even hardly move or bend wat does it meaN?

 whats up with my toe?
hi, just wanted to ask something about my little toe...well i go to martial arts and we were doing throws, i was working with a little girl and she went to throw me she fell with me and unfortunately ...

 what happens if you dont put ice on a bump on your head?
hit my head hard today, theres a bump, i already put ice on it, but what happens if you dont?...

 how many pints of blood do you need to lose to die?
for example, if somebody were to fall onto some broken glass and badly cut their arm, how many pints of blood would they need to lose for it to be fatal? No I'm not suicidal! lol! It's just ...

 Broke Pelvic bone at work,wot compensation might be due?

i cut myself for no reason?
i only started cuttin myself yesturday and i did it agen today 3 times on my wrist but i did it for no reason but i feel angry at myself not cuz i cut myself cuz i probly hurt my x gf cuz we broke up today and she loved me its just i wanted to be single and cba to hang around with her and complain if i didnt we went out 3 times before and i always ended it cant remember why but i dont love her i feel as if i should just jum out my bedroom window and die cuz itsthe easiest way out but it will do more harm than good wat should i do and dont say stop cuttin ureself blah blah blah i want advice not a lecture!

LC :)
instead of cutting yourself go outside find a squirrel and jab it with a stick. thats what i do.

You are cutting yourself because there IS A REASON...Make sure you go and talk to someone ASAP!!!!! Don't worry about the ex girlfriend...you have to start worrying about yourself right now...do you have a friend or family member you can open up to? I am concerned that you tried cutting yesterday and are already starting to do it again today..it seems you are getting some relief from your pain from it and it is already becoming a habit...break it now and call a help hotline...they are free!!! This number was posted online for free mental help...there are alot listed so please feel free to google them and take advantage! 1-800-421-4211

There are just some people that you can't give advice to, even if you wanted tol

Don't die that would be pointless, ask you yourself properly why you are cutting yourself. Once you find out why you do it you can go from there. (Sounds like your kinda depressed)

Bernie Made Off
If you are feeling sad, lonely, or anxious and these feelings are really bothering you, you may want to talk to a professional therapist or counselor about your feelings. There is no shame for seeking professional help to deal with feelings or sadness or anger! You can start by talking to a school counselor or your parents.They can help you! Trust me when I say life is worth living and with help you'll learn to feel again.

That sounds like a reason to me. Redirect your negative energy into something else, something outside yourself. Try doing some strenuous exercise.

i been hurt beyond repair but physically hurting myself isnt gone help me or u feel any better about ourselves and its defintly not gone bring ur ex back sometime u just gotta swallow whats on your plate in order to survive so please stopp cutting yourself

Well if you don't love the girl then well you don't love her, there isn't much you can do but maybe talk to her and let her know that way at least you have the decency of letting her know. And that way she can start the mending process and get on with her life and you get on urs as well.

Naty Rodriguez
If you're feeling depressed don't hurt your self physically. Just try talking to somebody and let them know how you feel. Let you anger out in a different way.

Go see a councilor. No one cuts themselves for no reason, even if you really think so, otherwise everyone would be doing it plus you've just explained your reason. Talk to someone you can trust

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