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how long does it take a rolled ankle to heal?
i rolled my ankle about 2 weeks ago. i can walk easy but it doesn't have 100% mobility. so how much longer do i have to wait, i don't wanna have to tape it up for basketball cause i don't know how.

Depends what happened. Sounds like a minor sprain and you will be just fine in a few days. If it is not back to normal in another week pls see a doctor.

Tyler P
It took me about 3-4 days to heal when I rolled my ankle. Maybe you should keep off of it for a little longer.

Depending on the severity of the rolled ankle it can take days to months.
But if you don't want tape it or don't know how, you can go out and get a brace from a local pharmacy.

to heal it faster ice it and wrap it in an ace bandage when walking on it and elevate it at night.

It can take 4-6 weeks depending how badly you rolled it.
Try icing it after you use it (10 min).
Do ankle exercises: Rotate both ankles around to left/30X; then to the right/30X.
Push ankles down & then pull up toward your knees 30X.
Shift ankles alternating to left as far as you can & then to the right 30X.
Lift toes to sky then down toeard heels 30X.
Spread toes wide & alternate by squishing toes together 30X.

Go to pharmacy...ask for help with showing you how to tape your ankle.

Feel better soon.

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