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 mine brother had accident before 2days.please help?
it is bike accident.He lost memory now.Wound is on the ear and not looks severe.If he is asked something he will tell something other.Cannot understands the word.Doctor by the scan told that there is ...

 If I go to the doctor what will they do?
I have metal in my foot. Tiny slivers. The school trainer got one out but I can still feel more. He tried to find more but couldn't see any at the surface. Its painful though! Now that its been ...

 Does this sound like appendicitis?
My boyfriend has been in bed since 7pm Saturday night. He hasn't gotten up to do anything but throw up. He says his whole stomach hurts but his right side is the most tender(he was almost in ...

 Help please :) 10 points to best answer!?
Help please :) 10 points to best answer!?
PLEASE HELP!!!! 10 points to best answer!?
My knee hurts badly! Help please.?
Okay so last summer, I was playing tennis and I stepped funny ...

 New double helix piercing. Swollen and red. help?
i just got my double helix pierced on october 15th and today is the 17th. it is very very painful, swollen and red. is this normal? i was looking at symptoms of infections and it matches so im very ...

 i broke my brothers arm help fast?
my little brother is 10 and as a joke i pushed him down the stairs but i think he broke his wrist because hes bawling because it hurts and he cant move it. please my parents arent home how do i fix ...

 Is their any injury that could make a person be in a cast for only month?
I was doing a project for english and I want my character to have some sort of injury involving her knee but I only want her in a cast for a month or two. Is their anyway that could even happen?...

 I hit my head last night at a party(thirteen year old)?
I went to a party last night and hit a grand piano leg with all my force. I tripped and threw myself under the piano in attempt to not hit the top of it. When i fell, it hurt when I hit it, but then ...

 can i go on holiday with a dislocated shoulder?
I dislocated my shoulder yesterday and am supposed 2 go 4 a check-up next week but im going on holiday on Wednesday so do you think my doctor will let me go? and can I fly because some people said ...

 Is a spinal Fusion a dangerous operation?
I have spinal stinosis and disk problems. The docs what to do a spinal fusion but I have been putting it off for years. Now I seem to be getting worse. I would like to talk to anyone who has spinal ...

 I was electrocuted - safe?
I turned on a light in my house and got shocked pretty good. However I liked the feeling. Is it safe to try again?...

 Injury in the body!? 10 Points!?
today i was snowboarding and someone hit me into a rail ribs first anyways i went the ER and they told me i had

B/L Rib Contusion
Lumber Spine Strain

when i was at ski ...

 Did I break it????????????
Yesterday I jammed my toe in between he closet door and the rug. I didn't hurt that much so I didn't ice it or anything. Today, when I woke up it was hurting so badly! I could hardly put ...

 If you have a concussion...?
Is it possible to vomit directly after the blow to the head? (Or maybe a few minutes after)...

 My knee is numb after auto accident, why?
I was in a car accident on february 13th of 2009. My knee hit the dash extremely hard.
Since that time, I have had numbness in my knee. There were no open wounds, but I seem to have some type of ...

 Can anyone I need a someone to diagnose my injured knee?
I know I should see a doctor but I don't have health insurance. I was playing basketball and it went outwards. The knee is a little swollen. I did a couple of test to see if my ACL is torn ...

 Well seee its a long story?
Kayyy so its about my knee....last year around this time i stated having knee pain in my right knee and my doc said it was cuz of my shoes and he said to get nike shox cuz it would help my knee and ...

 Huge bruise on my arm from blood work?
I got blood work last saturday. And i have a bruise bigger than my thumb on my arm. Is this normal?...

 I've got a yellow line running across one of my eyes. What is it?
I've had it for the past two years or so, and my life is very stressful.

I don't know what it is, but I think it might be a scar or something....

 Did i sprain my ankle and if so how can i get it better by monday?
ok so this morning in volleyball practice we were doing sprints and i twisted my ankle. i have done that before but not this bad. see usually i brush myself off and limp away.but i could not get up. ...

how long do i have to wear an aircast?
i sprained my ankel but it feels better now but everyone is telling me i still have to wear one how long would i have to wear one it feels better already and why do i have to wear one

Your doctor will be the one who will tell you how long you have to wear it. It all depends on the severity of the sprain you suffered.

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