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i asked this question before sorry if you answered that one

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James F
do you need to go do the doctor if you break your toe?
i think i may have broke my big toe, but i dont currently have health insurance. What is the worst that can happen if it is broken and goes untreated?

that happened to me...the doc said if it isnt sticking out at a weird angle, just leave it alone and it will heal...it did

yes you should go to the doctor.

It will be extremely painful. We push off on our toes and your going to forget someday and really hurt yourself. Maybe not injure yourself more but pain!

Perhaps there is a free clinic in your area that can help or one that will charge you according to how much income you have. When you are compensating for one injury you may create another by improper usage. I did this when I'd sprained my ankle - the other ankle got sore from the way I was walking.

You may be able to get a used 'boot' for your foot that would hold the toe stable while it heals.

Good luck, sweetie.

They don't cast a toe, but tape it to the toe next to it to lessen the movement, and give you something for pain. For any injury they say to put Ice on it to start with to lessen swelling and help with pain,and after 24 hours, heat to increase circulation. -Unless the skin is broken, in which case they'd to more to prevent infection.

Jeanette M
Alls a doctor will do is tape the big toe next to the other two toes for at least about 4 weeks. also take an anti inflammatory pills like ibuprofen....you may need to take some pain pills too. so nothing could go wrong except for it can heal wrong...but they always Heal good. also elevate your foot and keep ice on it Thur out the day to keep the swollen down.

No. All the doctor can do is make sure it's broken by having an x-ray done and to "buddy tape" it to the adjoining toe for stability, which you can do yourself at home. If the toe is crooked though, you will need to see a doctor to make sure that it gets straightened out before it starts to heal or it will always remain crokked and may cause you problems later.

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