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 Possible fractured knee cap?
Last night I tripped and fell on my knee. The pain got progressively worse as the night went on. However, I was still able to walk, but I had to limp. Today, there is swelling and I still limp and ...

 when will my shoulder heal from rugby?
basically we were in PE and we were playing rugby and i didnt even want to play and the teacers were saying do something so i tried to tackle this big guy and he dogged and spun me hard enough i span ...

 what is my injury?????????
after i got up from tackling someone whilst playing rugby i felt my groin (pulled or strained). its been sore for about a week and now the pain has moved down to my lower thigh.
am i just weird ...

 It feels like I'm getting shin splints in my wrists?
I'm an all star cheerleader and lately when I tumble it feels like I have shin splits but in my wrists. Any pressure and it feels like my wrists are going to break off. What is this? and is this ...

 Could it be permanently damaged?
I was just wondering if my right wrist could be permanently damaged.

When the severe snow was here, I had to pick somebody's motorbike up after the back end had gone and it had to be ...

 Numbness on right side of the entire body for 6 months?
Hi im dany 24 years old no history of stroke and heart disease..im a seaman , smoke 5 sticks per day..6 months back suddenly i felt my one side of the shoulder getti weak later within 2 days my ...

 Anyone able to help? iv had a cold for over a year, and i cant seem to get better?

 Am I the only one who hates it?
I hate my Aircast walker boot. It's so heavy! Any ways to make it more bearable?
Also, I'm supposed to be using crutches, but they're inconvenient, it it ok if I don't?...

 should i go to school if i have a concussion?
i no i have one because i went to the er i have a more sever concussion because i blacked out and am still dizzy the doctor said he said i shouldnt do anything that stimulates the brain im not shure ...

 How harmful is a x-ray scan?
Hii, I just wanted to know what the side-effects are from a x-ray scan to the skull.
I need it done for a check-up....

 omg .. im not feeling any better and its been a while now x?
ok so for a while now ( 2weeks) ive had a really sore throat and have been feeling under the weather. but then sunday night i fell really ill ( sore throat, headache , hot and cold , generally ...

 my mother got a stone in her left kidney so will it be okay to get it out by surgery or please suggest?
or any other alternative is ...

 how to make my self have surgery?
I want to have surgery but do not know how to make my self have it with out hurting my self to ...

 My forearm hurts after playing volleyball? Any suggestions?
I was playing volleyball with my boyfriend yesterday. He was sending the ball flying in the air, and I was running to try to hit it. I managed to hit the ball. The ball hit my forearm, and now it ...

 How to tell if my foot is broken?
Recently (like 2 days ago) i tripped over a board (its to keep my new puppy from escaping the living room) and flipped into my hallway. After about 10 minutes it started to swell, and i couldn't ...

 shin splints or stress fracture?
I am worried that my shin splints have turned into Stress fracture. I kept of my leg for a few weeks as the doctor suggested and switched to cycling. They did get better and i could run on them for ...

 I broke my toe but i still want to?
I broke my big toe so i cant really stand on my left foot. but I would still like to keep exercising, preferably aerobics and something that gets my heart rate up. any ideas?...

 If you break your ankle do you vomit from the pain?
Just wondering because it happens on soaps etc......

 Hurt my knee, any diagnoses?
I fell durring gym today, we were playing indoor soccer. A large portion of my knee cap is purple with darkish spots. I don't know what it is though....

 I just turned my ankle and cannot put weight do you think its broken?
I was crossing the street and my ankle turned over in a pot hole.I am now at work and can not bear weight its very swollen and really hurts.Do u think its broken?what can I do? I can leave work to go ...

do you need crutches when you sprain your ankle?
these people at my school sprained their ankles and they are on crutches i really need to know if you need crutched when u sprain your ankle

obviously you do ! if you dont wana make the problem worse!!!!!

it all depends on the person and the sprain. I find that it is often better not to get crutches unless you ABSOLUTELY need them because if you don't really need them you will end up overcompensating when it is not necessary and will often end up injuring the other ankle. they can also become quite painful/annoying after a while. hope this helps

A bad sprain can be extremely painful and often takes longer to heal than a broken one. I've had both, and have had crutches for both. Using crutches is very problematic as well because they are hard to get used to, especially if you live in an area that isn't flat or have a lot of stairs to deal with. They put pressure on your hands and armpits and force you to use muscles in motions that you probably aren't accustomed to. Once the swelling in the sprained area goes away, the crutches can hurt more than the ankle does, but if the sprain is severe enough, then you definitely need them to help support your body weight. The best thing treatment is to keep the foot elevated and stay off of it, but if they have to go to school, then crutches (or a wheelchair) or maybe a cane (probably not a good choice for a teen) is the best way to get around until they're healed. Again, crutches are no fun and probably only used if the sprain is bad enough or they have a lot of walking they must do.

It depends on the sprain and on the person. I have had really bad sprained ankles where they instantly swelled and bruised a lot and i went back to racing with them yeah it hurt but I still raced through it so it all depends.

Carter Beebe
if they just sprained your ankle you don't need crutches, i would be different if they broke their ankles, but if they are just sprained, they don't need crutches.

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