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 Can someone die from a foot infection?
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 When you throw up, does it ever come out of your nose?

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~ Alesia ~
do u staple a wound shut on a childs head?
my so crack his head open, and i took him to the er. and they wanted to staple shut the wound. i thought that was a little much. a staple to a childs head!

sometimes it has to be done,,,they numb the are first,,,my son gashed his head right above his eye and they stapled it together,,,i wouldn't advise watching,,well i didn't anyway, but i did hold his hand while they did it,,,, over in seconds,,,thought it was better than watching them sew it together with a needle and thread,,,

Cindy F
Typically on a wound on the scalp that do staple them shut. On the face they use dermabond.

This is the quickest, least traumatic way of closing a head laceration for a child. Don't have to hold them down very long so less stress on the child. You should have let them do it. The method they offered you was your child's best option.

Dan H
Staple are a valid means of securing certain types of wounds.

They do not use a desk stapler, these are medical devices.

Soul Rebel
Well im sure they are right, ive seen staples in people heads, better than a crack.

Yes but with a surgical staple - not the one on your desk

It's better to have staples in ur head than an open wound that could possibly get infected.

lol i think the doctors know what they are doin i dont think they actually take a staple gun and staple his head he will be under medication and wont feel a thing and he will get better when my mother had a c section they stapled her stomach she was fine i would go with what the doctor wants

milton b
this is a common practice in emergency medicine. it is faster than stitches and actually promotes healing faster, once the wound is fused (healed) the staples are easily removed. the staples are not your office type staples, these are stainless steel which does not rust and cause infections.

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