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 my mom has had her foot swollen for a month HELP !?
one day my mom came home from work and her foot was swollen and it was huge .. she didnt recall hurting it in anyway . shes been to the doctor and had xrays and blood tests and they cant figure it ...

 pain under left rib cage?
my dad hurt his back playing sports a few days ago, and every night its be getting worse. he can a really bad cramp like pain right in the area under his left rib cage. he took pain killers and a ...

 I got a question about a canker sore?
I got a canker sore in my mouth all the way back where the last tooth of the upper and lower jaw meet in the back and ive had it it for like month it hurts when i try to open my jar all the way and i ...

 Does whiplash cause back pain?
I was in a car accident and hit from a car that was going about 30 mph. I took Motrin for 2 weeks straight afterward, because my neck and shoulders hurt. Then I went to the doctor (while on Motrin) 2 ...

 hand/ knuckle is still hurting after a fight?
did not connect well at all on this guy and my knuckle of my pinky finger is not healing. Its been about a week and half and i cant make a strong fist and when i try opening my fingers my pinky ...

 Is It Internal Brain Bleeding?
A week ago I closed a trunk of a car with a bike rack on it and the bike rack came down on my head full force from closing the trunk hard. Since then whenever I walk around I start to get dizzy, and ...

 Is it compeltely obvious when you break/fracture a bone?
Ok so about half an hour ago i fell out of a tree,i fell on my shoulder/side with my shoulder hitting first,my legs were kinda in the air so the right side of my body got a pretty big impact,it ...

 Help me please...easy 10pts?
My friend tripped me and i landed with my left arm in a thorn bush. All the thorns are out but theres little red spots where they were and they hurt and itch a little. What can I do to make them feel ...

 I am a dancer and I just broke my ankle what do I do!!?
I dance hip-hop,jazz,ballet,Point,Tap,modern,etc. Now I can not dance and I am devastated!! Help me!!!...

 Which bone do you think hurts the most when broken?
Im going with the clavicle (collar bone). I broke mine a few years back and that was the most intense physical pain I've ever felt, even more than getting my rib cage tattooe'...

 When will the Moon Strike Back?
When Obama nuked the moon did they say when they were gonna nuke us back? I have several small children and I am concerned about their safety as I will be going overseas and I will not be around to ...

 I'm about to go to emergency PLEASE HELP!?
My head feels like its gonna explode, It feels like its cracking and its really tight and feels very strange. I'm 13 and im going to emergency for them to xray me. IM SO SCARED DO I HAVE A BRAIN ...

 my daughter's big toe nail fell off when she stubbed it. will it grow back or is it lost for ever help!!!?

 I cant stop picking my nose, what's wrong with me?

 My mom is 83 years old and just recently broke her fibula bone doc did not cast it or give her a boot?
is this the correct procedure for this kind of ...

 Do you think my knee cap was broken?
I was ice skating on Saturday, and I had just learned how to stroke, and I was going really fast and then the toe pick got caught, and I fell with the full force onto my left knee. (Saturday at 3:30) ...

 [Picture] Can I go swimming with this scar/cut?
I slammed it on a door on accident... sorry, it's kinda blurry. and the yellow stuff on the fingernail is Neosporin (medicine). http://i645.photobucket....

 Burnt left armpit is hurting like mad.?
I sprayed too much deodorant in my left armpit and its starting to sting when i move my arm (skin is red and wrinkly) - any suggestions on what to do?...

 Is this normal? 10 points for the BEST ANSWER!!!!!!?
Ok so like whenever i run or walk or whatever i always twist my ankle. Like in the middle of whatever. And it never used to be like that before. And it always happens at like random times. And if i ...

 i have just started feeling numbness on the outer side of my foot and ankle, what would cause this?

can u sue someone for punching you??r=1233004983?
if im at school and a kid punches me in my face could i take him to court and sue him?

Michael H

It is possible to sue the person for Pain and Suffering. However I do NOT recommend doing this because it is very expensive and I doubt the punch caused any harm. Think of the Golden Rule: if you had punched someone, would you like for them to go and blindly sue you?

Sueing has become an American habit that is not good. Depending on your situation & school, you can report him to your home room teach and ask what's next. Learn to keep a 'kool' head & mouth and how to defend yourself. Jiu-jitsu & wrestling are easy to learn & harmless to anyone when used properly. VERY effective, too! One 'flip' and most bullies will stop bullying you. You'll surprise them! Good luck :)

Medicine Woman
You can sue anyone for anything they do but that doesn't mean you will win. It sounds like a waste of your time, I doubt you will win.

You can press charges in CA it's PC 242. But unless you got a broken jaw or some type of injury it's you vs him and unless you have witnesses good luck. Plus you would be better off suing the parents since he's in school he prob couldn't afford to pay for any damages he may have caused if any

Theoretically yes, but the price of a good attourney, lawyers, etc, would be way too much to even consider suing somebody for something so slight, and it would be difficult to get any judge to hear it because they'd think it was a waste of time.

i think only if he hurt you like really bad. but don't sue him, that's really obnoxious, just punch him back

Bright and Blonde
no he didnt damage property so i dont see much of a point

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