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 Got hit in the head by a phone and after large bump went down, a small pea sized lump remained in its place?
I'm 16 and just over a month ago, roughly, i was hit quite hard in the head with a mobile phone. It quickly grew into a large sore lump, and after a few days had shrunk down. I noticed a small ...

 quick question...i woke up today with a constant twitch like a nerve thing but only in my thumb?? anyone ideas?

 what is wrong with my calf muscle?
I get this feeling that i need to rub my leg against someone else's leg like knee joint or to rub it against something hard to feel the pressure the harder someone pushes the better my leg feels,...

 Hey really bad shoulder ( Opinions please )?
Well ive had kind of a bad shoulder for about 4 months back then it just used to ache if i was sat up for too long but about a month ago i started training for army .. going jogging 5 times a week ...

 I am really worried! help?
Hi recently I have been having problems with my eyes and have been told that i am short sighted, but I am worried because i have got a lot of floaters and when i look to light it seems like there is ...

 KNEE INJURY!!!! :o( ?
Around six months ago i had a baby and when she was two days old i slipped on the bedroom mat at 5am picking her bib up and i felt my knee give way and i heard only as i can describe it as a ...

 What Is Up With Me? :(?
Im 15 and Last sunday after coming home form a long bike ride, i noticed a slight ache in my left calf muscle. I didnt take much notice of it as i thought I had just pulled something. But as the week ...

 I got hit by car and now my leg hurts?
Last Wednesday, I was lightly hit by car on my right leg. For a day I found it hard to bend my leg. The top part of my leg was swollen. I can't see any sign of injury. Now my leg is better but I...

 mums got a nerve trap?
if my mum doesnt do her surgery to get rid of her nerve trap what will happen? could she become disabled if it starts spreeding around her body cause her left side of her body is all num cause of ...

 I fell and hurt my ankle 9 weeks ago. How long is it going to take to be back to normal??? :-(?
I had xrays taken the same day and they thought there might be an avulsion fracture. So I was given a boot cast and crutches. Went to see an orthopod and he cam back saying it was a bad sprain and ...

 i had my tragus done about a week a go with no pain untill about today also it's swollen ?
i was wondering is it normal or is it infected janie B : i didn't poke a hole in my body i got it done by a Professional person i don't thinks it's an infection because there is no ...

 How to ease my ingrowing toenail?
I have the start of an ingrowing toenail (it is just getting sore and red) and I have a half marathon on Sunday (which I AM going to run, I missed the last one due to a broken toe, I'm not ...

 Whats the worse type of injury you could get from screaming too loud, throat related or otherwise?

 Is it possible by hand?
Is it possible that in a fight, you hold someone's throat(trachea) with your hand and break it or ust make him cry? If yes, then how much powerfull a hand should be to cause some pain?...

 How tough are my stitches after four days in my forearm? ?
They are disolveable and as I was replacing the bandage the plaster underneith the bandage (which is not supposed to be replaced) tugged and I'm scared I could have loosened the stitches or ...

 Sore back,can hardly move!Help?
I've had a dodgy back since i was about 14,i'm not 22.Sometimes when i get up or something like that,my back freezes and i cant move.The pain can be very very sore.This has happind to me ...

 rotating cuff , shoulder injury?
anybody got anything to say about it ...

 how long does it take for a sprained disk to heal?

 feels like my shin bone is going to snap when i jog?
so yesterday i went for my daily jog and at the end of it i started to feel a little pressure on my shin (The bone at the front) but i didnt think anythin of it... then today i start to jog and i ...

 Removing Sea Urchin Spikes?
I stood on a sea urchin on holiday in the sea. Can anyone suggest a way to get the spikes out? I've tried splinter removal with no luck, and frankly it's painful to walk. Any suggestions ...

arrested & handcuffed - nerve damage?
hi all, i was arrested on friday night and handcuffed very tightly. i can't remember much as I was drunk (reason i was arrested). Since then my left arm has been tingling and specifrically the shoulder muscle refuses to work. I have feeling in it but my wrists are very bruised and sore and my shoulder muscle being paralysed is really worrying me. whats the problem? will it be permanent? i canot make it move at all. its no sunday and still no improvement. my whole arm is weak and 'asleep'. please spare the drinking lectures, i already feel like i have been run over, thanks. handcuffing is pretty standard procedure in the UK. however yes i probably deserved to. Reckon i could get some compensation then? There's handcuffing, then destroying someones wrists.

You were probably handcuffed to protect others from harm as the handcuffs are only to restrain you; they do not cause harm by themselves. However, if you struggled excessively when they were applied, or after, you may have caused damage to yourself. You now seem to ignore that you could have seriously injured others and only concern yourself with the possibility of compensation. This speaks volumes about your character and would not be lost on me if I were the magistrate. Perhaps you should consider how much the Police have saved you from yourself and whether they deserve compensation for putting themselves at risk when they arrested you. The cost of the court charges might also be at your expense. I hope your wrists and shoulder heals soon, albeit with the assistance of the NHS, at a cost that will eat into the available budget for cancer victims and the like; could they claim compensation against you for that? You have made a mistake but still have the opportunity to correct it by setting an example for others to follow. Why not become a positive example and make a worthwhile contribution to your/our society.

Yeah know how you feel,I got arrested for been drunk last year and they handcuffed me too,but i managed to slip one hand out of the cuffs,small hand you see and they were not amused,lol,but i would if i was you see the doctor,or go to A&E soon as possible and get it sorted.don,t think that you,ll get compensation tho,Well i learnt my lesson,would,nt mind but i live in a small village and every one knows every one,The shame of it.lol.xxxstay sobre,get seeing to soon,good luck.

andrew c
regardless of how it happened get yourself looked at in A+E advice and painkillers if required will be forthcoming. good luck.

Michael O*Leary
You must have been a aggressive drunk to get handcuffed. You can't claim anything.

judy l
see a doc, then a lawyer

get to a docter imeadiatly (general practicioner) the nerve damage probably will not be permanant if you get the problem fixed quickly

Maybe a trapped nerve. Get yourself down to casualty if you are worried.

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