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 I think I might have a concussion... and im 12?
I was home with my sister and she accidentally elbowed me in the head REALLY hard, i've had a headache for 2 days now, can hardly move my head without it hurting, and cant stand the light.

 Fell down the stairs... worried I may have fractured my leg?
Yesterday I was running down and fell down 2 flights of stairs.
I'm covered in purple bruising, but the worst pain is the bottom of my right leg.
I banged both legs off of the stair ...

 How can you pretend that you have had your leg amputated?
I really like the idea of trying to live your life like an amputee with one leg and trying to do the things that you used to do. I would like to be able to live like an amputee for 3-4 months so ...

 Do I have a cracked rib?
Okay on last Thursday I got beat up by 3 people and kicked while I was down, it was at a party and I was wasted, I ended up in the hospital, and they did some scans on my head and face because that ...

 do i need stiches...why wont wound heal together?
i locked myself out of the house and was trying to pop window out....broke window and cut my finger pretty bad. that was 7 days ago. the wound hasnt closed really and my skin isnt really growing back ...

 Can a job lay you off from work permanently if you got hurt at work?
Ok I have worked at this place for 2 years, well when I hired in I was promised to be come a cashier well that failed. I have been trying my best not to get hurt but they have me pushing carts out ...

 Wrist pain...the doctors can't figure it out...help!?
I have had pain in both my wrists since March. At first they thought it was tendonitis so I just rested and took pain killers. After lots of rest the pain didn't go away. I started working in ...

 Wrist Problems...What Could It Be?
So I have been having problems with my wrist for years. I cannot specifically think of any time I injured it. It always clicks, sometimes more than other times. But sometimes it will go into a phase ...

 What are your bone breaking stories and how bad did it hurt?
ive broke my pinky my hand my foot and my ankle and my shoulder.. andd.. other stuff haha never my writst ...

 Lump on shin, been there for 3 months?
I whacked my shin on a piece of wood about 3-4 months ago, basically it's hard to explain but the my dad took the kick boards off the kitchen unit and i slid along the kitchen floor and whacked ...

 when will I be able to drive again after having a cast removed from a broken arm?
I slipped on the ice 3 weeks ago and broke my arm in 3 places. I have got a cast on up to my elbow, my next appointment is in 2 weeks time when Im hoping they might remove the cast, how long will it ...

 My sister takes methadone for a back injury but constantly has headaches?
She has been on methadone for quite a while and never had this problem and then the headaches started and now she has a migrain every single day and sleeps almost all day. Does methadone cause these ...

 What've i done to my thumb?
Ok so yesterday, we was playing basketball for P.E. when my thumb got bent backwards, it hurt ofc but then i didnt really feel any pain. Then it started really hurting so i sat out the rest of the ...

 Why does having a broken toe cause so much pain.?

 How long until I can walk on my broken ankle...?
I broke my ankle on the 31St of October. I broke my fibula and had surgery ( a plate put in ). I was given a "back slab" cast for 3 weeks, and then I had my staples removed. I was given a ...

 i got struck in my cheekbone, but have a black eye?
A few days ago i got hit in the side of my face (cheekbone area and a bit higher) by my falling snowboard and i have a black eye! How does this happen? I didn't get hit in my eye, but it's ...

 how can i tell if my thumb is broken?
i was rushing and lent on the tables on my thumb and index finger, full weight and it made a cracking sound and hurt alot. its now swollen a tiny bit and there is a throbbing pain between the thumb ...

 What to do with a broken toe?
I think i've broke my toe - its quite swollen and i'm in pain with it and I can't walk with putting pressure on it. It also looks broken.
Its the toe next to my little toe - and I ...

 I have a trapped nerve in my back,anybody know how long this painful condition can last?
I have been prescribed strong painkillers but am worried about long term affects of taking them for to long....

 Does anyone know how to play bloody knuckles alone?
like the coin game where you flick the coin, and if you miss it the other person has to slam the coin on your knuckles.. anyone know a way to play it alone?

***yes i know its not good for ...

Will a stress (hairline) fracture heal on its own?
The outside part of the arch of my foot has been hurting for the past 2 weeks. I am afraid I may have a stress fracture. It is not causing any excruciating pain, but there is discomfort every time I step.

If I do not get it looked at by a doctor and a cast if it is in fact fractured, Will it heal properly on its own?

they take forever to heal. my wife had one on her rib, and one on the top of her foot. took about a year to heal.

a hairline fracture will heal on its own.

However if its worse than a hairline fracture then it will not heal properly on its own. see a doctor.

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