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 Can someone describe all the different possible shoulder injuries?
sprained, tendon, joint, ...

 Could this be related??
Recently, I have injured my back somehow...going to the doctors tomorrow. Lower back in a lot of pain when I move, bend, or lift my legs. MY QUESTION IS: Lately, my hands keep going numb whenever I...

 What did I do to my elbow?
I fell on it about 4 hours ago playing soccer and now it's swollen and there's a bump. I put ice on it twice, for about 25 minutes each. It hurts sooo bad when it's on and not on the ...

 Has anybody ever had a dislocated shoulder?I fell on 2/15 & the hospital said I have to wear this shoulder?
immobilizer for 2 wks.I go to a specialist Monday,I had to wait because this Dr. was on vacation.Will I most likely need pysical therapy? How long is the recovery?I'm 54 will I have problems ...

 Excercise tips coming back from a hand injury???
I broke my metacarpal bone in my right hand about a month ago and the doctor said i wont need surgery. he said that its healing fine so im hoping in another month i will be able to play ball again so ...

 eye contact question (infection)?
last night i went to the movie theaters and i was messing around with my eyes and they fell off, but was stuck on my eye lashes so i went to the bathroom and put them back on and all waS fine, until ...

 Husbands back "went out"?
My husband was trying to move his snowmobile, when he felt a pop in his lower back and his legs buckled. He is in major pain and can't even walk, barely crawl. I know lot's of people have ...

 does nerve stimulators make you skinner?

 y eye stings after i wased it out with water??????
a glo stick poped and the liquid went into my eye i washed my eyes out for 10mins with water my eyes re very red a saw is this normal my eyesight is normal and i have poken to the hospital they said ...

 I hit my head...?
I hit my head last night at a basketball game cause I went up for a rebound and I came down really hard and I was lookin at the tape from last night and my head kinda did like a bouncy ball thing.. ...

 I was in a car accident 6 months ago and have severe pain under the clavicle/sternum area.?
Rear ended at 35mph with arm outstreched and hand gripping steering wheel. Instant pain and nausea. Xray shows no break, MRI inconclusive. Really hurts bad when driving with arm unsupported or when ...

 ganglion cyst?
i had surgery to remove a ganglion cyst a little over a year ago and today, i was messing around and felt a tightening of my wrist and a ton of pain. Now it is swollen and i still have pain running ...

 a glow stick poped and some of the liquid went in my mouth????
thats basicaly it also it went in my eye i have thuraly cleaned my eye with walm water for 15mins wich has left my eye feeling saw but not blury redness has gone and as i said a litle bit of the ...

 How can i practice my broken figure?
I was playing basketball, so i broke my fifth figure on the left hand. My bone was broken, fracture. I had surgery on that, and after my doctor took off my cast, it still cannot move. i want to ask ...

 elbow injury?
i fell while going down the stairs to my backyard (just two steps) my left elbow landed on the border of the top step, while my lower back hit the border of the lower step. Felt a tingling sensation ...

 Should I sue my work (Wal-Mart)?
Last year at work while unloading a truck, a case of Oxy-clean the cleaning agent came off and I lfted it up over my shoulder not know it was damaged, it went all in my eyes and burned my left ...

 Why does my patella (knee cap) shift out of place?
Recently my patella (knee cap) moved and was sore for about a week. Ever since, it's either sore or swollen. This isn't the first time it has happened. I've had about 5 other ...

 rotator cuff surgery?
I am really scared and I doont know what to expect, I've been on the internet, but I just need some reassurance about the surgery, I will not be able to so what I did before, and it will take a ...

 What are some signs of a concussion?
I hit my head pretty hard the other day, and I just want to make sure that I don't have a concussion, or need to see a doctor about it....

 can a headache cause brusing?
i had a headache the other night and it was the worst i have ever had. Every since it went away i have pain in my head where the pain was worse if i touch it. I can't lay on it without my head ...

Will a cortisone shot heal a sprained (jammed) toe?
I injured it almost three months ago and I still can't play soccer!!!!

Charles-CeeJay_UK_ USA/CheekyLad
I would certainly have it looked at.
A sprain should be long healed by now. Otherwise, cortisone will reduce inflamation.

--That Cheeky Lad

cortisone only reduces the inflamation, it will not correct an injury. You need an xray to see if it is fractured or dislocated, etc.

Debi in LA
Baby, it's probably broken. A sprain heals in a couple of days. Go get an xray. If you have insurance, xrays are free (after co-pay).

Cortisone is used to decrease inflammation. If it is truly a sprain you probably won't be able to find a doctor that will inject one. Some sprains take longer to heal than actual breaks. If you are really taking care of it (staying off of it, elevating it when not in use and NOT playing soccer) and it has not gotten any better after 6 weeks you need to see a doctor.

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