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 my hands go numb when they get cold.what causes this to happen?

 Why is it that people suggest to put your leg or arms above your heart when you have an injury?
I have shin splints right now from cross country and my coach told me to but ice on it and while laying down, to put my legs above my heart level.

My M.D. also told me to do the same, i ...

 Can I Ice skate with a middle torn ligament under knee cap?
I'm 13 and nearly torn my ligament in a rugby match. I've been off sports for nearly 2 terms :<
its the cruciate ligament thats nearly torn
Just wondering is it safe to ice ...

 I think index finger broken.Index bent to the side at 45 degrees at joint near the tip.Do I need emerg. room?
I have already straightened, taped and splinted.
Do I need doctor now or Monday or am I ok with what I have done?...

 How can I help a nerve injury in my wrist?
I was recently doing yoga, and I think I pinched a nerve in my wrist. From my pinky to the beginning of my wrist tingles a lot, and it is really bothersome. Anyone else ever have this happen? How ...

 i have found a lump?
a few month ago i found a hard lump behined my left ear. i have been to the doctors had blood tests. it came out clear then went back they said it was am ear infection, put my on some tablets but its ...

 why do my legs get stiff while walking?
Everytime I have been walking for around 10 minutes the muscles in my legs get so tight I can barely walk. It is the calf of my leg all the way down to my ankles. I feel as if I am walking like a ...

 i had a concussion today?
i already posted a question about this but i was playing football and caught the ball somebody push me down hard and i hit my head on the ground.i was dizzy but i got back up and it was time to go ...

 I think I fractured or broke my arm/wrist?
What is the best thing to do??...

 3 yrs in a row my son had to have the same hernia surgery how 2 find out if the surgen is at wrong?

 My girl friend has a cast on her leg from toes to knee for ankle injury how can i make her feel better?
she has a cast on her leg from toes to knee and how can i take care of her while she has a cast on her leg for 3 ...

 i think i pulled a muscle in my chest?
ok, whenever i movea certain way i have this pain the center of my chest. its not constant and isnt too bad. it started this morning, im 14, and i do the field/throwing part of ...

 Is my foot broken??????????
Ok, last Tuesday I had a little too much to drink and I kicked a car. Since then, the top right side of my left foot has been hurting (right along my big toe). I can walk on it but I limp bc it ...

 Costochondritis and exercise?
I had sharp stabbing chest pain in my right upper chest since last week, today I went to the ER and they did a chest x-ray and determined I have costocondritis. I was told it was most likely caused ...

 Have people Ever broken any bones?

 Slipped on ice and twisted knee?
I was walking in the mall parking lot and slipped on a patch of ice from the ridiculous snow-storm we had a couple days ago. When I fell, my left knee twisted inward and I felt a pop followed by ...

 What are some signs of a concussion in a child?
I'm keeping a close watch on a child who fell and hit her head. What should I look for to see if she has a concussion? The fall wasn't too bad, but I just want to play it safe....

 I got my tooth pulled 2 days ago, it hurts like heck and my i am swollen up to my forehead?
I had my tooth pulled out 2 days ago. It is swollen up to my forehead! so much my eye is almost closed on the left side! It still hurts REALLY bad. I am going back to the dentist but do you think ...

 I keep getting bruises out of no where...?
Not big ones, just small ones that hurt if I touch them. I have six of them right now, three on each leg. I don't know what causes this. Worse yet, I haven't hurt myself in the spots they ...

 My wrist sorta hurts when i do stuff?
ok it is the right arm it broke from the wrist about 2 inches back.

back in december last year now when i do stuff like pick up something that is slightly heavy like 3 lb it has a ...

Why is the top of my left big toe numb and tingly?
I have no idea why, but on my left foot, the top of my big toe is tingly and feels almost numb when I touch it. This has been going on for a few weeks, and it started back after I wore tight shoes that I had not worn in a while. Only thing is, WHY IS IT STILL LIKE THIS?! :(

It probably will just need time to heal. The tight shoes did it. Just wear better shoes and time will heal.

Do you have a callus or thickiening of skin in the "numb" spot, if so use a callus remover & you should be fine, otherwise see a doctor & don't wear those shoes again.

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