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 i want to sprain my ankle helpp me 10 pointers?
i wanna go to the ...

 What injury is this? PLEASE RESPOND? 10 points 4 right answer?
My leg trembles when i walk on it, it hurts i got in playing soccer. please respond and tell me what i should do if i should go to doctor. Thank you....

 If someone fell out of a tree, exactly how would their arm be broken (which bone, how badly, etc)?
To elaborate:

The tree isn't too tall, only about as tall as a one-story house. The person (it's a six-year-old boy, good health) was on one of the higher branches, lost his ...

 My son dropped a can on his toe, now it's purple and bleeding..what do I do?
Early this morning as I was making breakfast my 16mo old got into the cupboard and dropped a large can of Hominy on his toe. It hit right on the nail. It turned purple almost instantly. I gave him ...

 Should I seek treatment for a fractured rib?
About 1 week ago I fell on my left side on my rib cage. It was extremely painful. Ever since then it hurts taking a deep breath, sitting up, twisting, touching my ribs etc. I am inclined to believe I ...

 How to tell if you broke a toe?
I haven't ever broken a bone before. I was walking kinda quickly, and there's a mattress on our living room floor, and i was "bouncing" over that, and i guess I kinda tripped and ...

 i swallowed an entire fork in one and now i feel dizzy and my stomach aches?
i was messing around with some mates and i was sticking a fork down in my mouth, and was seeing how far down i could stick it, but my hand slipped and i ended up swallowing it. at first i panicked ...

 Will the doctor think I'm faking it?
My ankle really hurts, I can hardly move or walk on it. But there is no swelling or bruising around the ankle area. Will he think I'm faking? Will he just tell me to go home? Help please, I ...

 hit my head went to hospital & was refused scan!?
I hit my head really badly 2 days ago and 6hrs later developed severe headache and dizziness. I went to hospital and they just gave me paracetamol! and refused to give me a scan. The symptoms haven�...

 I cut one of my wrists, will i die?
I cut one of them, and i dont have a problem and im not emo and im not trying to get attention. i really regret doing it but anyway, like its kind of swollen around the cut, like it pops out kind of, ...

 tooooooooooo much?
i`ve got to much emails i don`t want, pleese help, i`m loosing sleep!...

 My ear hurts. What should i do?
I was swimming with my friends and i failed a back flip and landed on my ear. After I hit the water my ear was ringing and i cant hear as good as i can normally. Now its a couple of hours later and ...

 Ankle injury!!! PLEASE HELP! Need some advice!?
I have sprained my ankle a bunch of times now. And i have been going through alot of pain because of it. But last night i was walking to my friends house in the dark and i twisted my ankle. My ankle ...

 Did SHE break my arm?
Everytime I touch it, it hurts SO MUCH! My friend hit me very hard trying to get my face so I put my hand up and she got my hand. It is swollen and It is soo painful but everyone says if you brake ...

 I'm about to go into surgery!?
I've been under the knife before, but thinking about it again, makes me very nervous. It's only a foot surgery (I broke my ankle) so it's not life threatening....I hope. well any ideas ...

 Can doctors give injection against your will?
My grandson is having treatment and because he won't take the pills, the doctors are injecting him.He is fine not taking the pills, but the injections make him hallucinate. He is 25, and ...

 How long does a sprain take to heal?
To my own knowledge (which is probably wrong) I think it is 3-6 weeks, as it is a soft tissue injury.

I have sprained my anterior talofibular ligament (I think) in my ankle, it is very ...

 I recently bit my lip pretty ba and it's swollen so i look like i'm pouting... how can i get the swelling down
I bit my lip in my sleep pretty bad. It woke me up and it was swollen and very painful. I don't want to have to buy something to treat it but wat r some home remedys to get the swelling down and ...

 is there any possable way to break your own finger or leg without it hurting?
i am forced to break either my finger or leg due to a triple dog dare by my 3 older brothers and if i dont do it the will lock me in the shed for an our again!!! dont you love older brothers!!...

 Three of my toes are broken, can a doctor help me at all?
My Big toe and the two toes following it are all three swollen to larger size than normal, im in a great amount of pain and I can hardly walk on my foot! I cannot move any of the three and I cannot ...

Take a guess
Why does my middle finger click every time I curve it?
Sometimes it clicks for a bit then it just stops, why does it do this?

By the way I am 15.

its jesus punishing you for flipping people off

You have bad joints...

Kikko The Great
You've been flippin' the bird too much. Try giving thumbs up (For me) some more and it might just get better.
And isn't the clicking cool? You could just show off with your clicking fingah!


lack of fluid round d joint,

Natalie J
maybe arthiritis lol

my foot does that lol, it isn't dangerous though.

You might have what is called "trigger finger". You might have to go to a hand specialist for that.

Could be a joint problem you should talk to your doctor .

The Mountain Dew Monster
Maybe it's overworked because you flip people off so much?

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