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 Do you think this is a pinched nerve?
for the past month i have had tingling feet which has gotten better but when i sit in certain positions my feet tingle more then other positions. If i sit in a car my feet tingle alot but if i sent ...

 broke foot 3 years ago...still hurts! HELP!?
i know your thinking yeah well you have to live with it but i Broke it OVER THREE YEARS AGO! and now it still hurts, everyday, 24/7, i can't take part in P.E at school at all because it hurts ...

 sores bleeding on lower part of pillow?
cannot see back. should I go to Mayo ...

 The shower curtain rod fell on my head last night... it now hurts.. what should I do?
what could the doctors possibly do if it caused damage to my brain?...

 Knee Problems I Really Need Help Please?
i dance 9 and a 1/2 hours and while i was at scholarships i think i dislocated my right knee. i was crying a lot as i could hardly walk on it. i was in a lot of pain but i had to keep dancing to get ...

 I can not take my mind off the broken finger in my leg?
I had broken my fourth distal phalanx in my right foot at age of 14. It had healed now and six years have passed. It sometimes pain abruptly for no reason. There is no apparent deformity but i know ...

 Will my skin just heal itself?
I was shaving in the shower and I decided to use my fingers to clean the hair on the razor and when I got out of the shower I noticed that the skin on my fingers had little razor marks and peeled off ...

 My cousin got into a fight, he won't go to the doctor, do you think he should? Head injury?
My cousin got jumped by 3 guys and punched him in the head a lot. He got a small bruise on his head, he didn't want to go to the doctor last night though. His head still hurts him and that was ...

 HELP! Shin Splints...?
I have had shin splints for around 3 weeks and have been resting them majority of the time and just doing few hours of bike riding a day! I am supose to be in a running race on the w/e and i was ...

 how do i get put on a wheelchair without hurting myself?
i want to get put on a wheelchair but i dont want to get really hurt...? and i want a wheelchair because i want to get attention(: (also wheelchairs are fun)...

 i broke my finger and i need some help...Football related?
so i play football and ive been training and practicing all summer for football season then like 2 pracs from season starting i broke my finger during prac...but i did the pus thing and went to doc ...

 What kind of help can i get for my dissabled child in california (fresno)?
we are a adopting a baby that is shaken baby, We love her and will make this work any way possible. She has been a foster child of outs for over a year now and we are taking the next step and making ...

 If I got stabbed should I pull the knife out or leave the knife in while on my way to the hospital?
What would best increase my chances of survival?...

 Is snapping a rubber band on your wrist self-harm?
A lot of **** has happened in the past couple of months and i've recently began snapping the red rubber band i wear everyday on my wrist to relieve anger and stress and other things. It makes me ...

 Does Walking On A Broken Ankle With A Boot Cause It To Heal Slower?
i recently broke my ankle, I waas in a partial cast for the first few days and then the doctor gave me a boot...but is this boot causing me to heal slower?...

 Roughly, how long would it take for a broken tibia and fibula, in the same leg, to heal?

- Male
- Extremely fit, professional athlete in sport involving all round fitness.
- No underlying health concerns.
- Early 20's.
- Receiving ...

 how to heal/cure an I.T band injury?
im a runner and the trainers at my school said the pain im having is my i.t band
but its mostly my knee.
it hurts when i want to go faster in my workouts and standing to long or walking to ...

 help for a broken leg?
okay so i broke my leg playing soccer and got a cast up to my thigh and it is sooooo uncomfortable and itchy. any tips on how to sleep , get around , etc..? thanks :)...

 what to do about a bruised knee?
i was playing volleyball and bruised it pretty bad theres a blue mark on my knee bone and i ice it A-LOT! and elevate it and i don't walk on it much but i have to go hike-ing on thursday what ...

 My upper arm muscle aches a lot?
Last week at football practice someone landed on my stretched out arm and ever sense its been hurting a lot. There is no bruising and it only seems to hurt I put strain on it. I have practice coming ...

Lol Itz Tayno
Why does my arm still hurt after 5 years?
i broke my arm five years ago playing soccer, and in the past 6 months or so it has randomly been hurting (a lot!) for a couple minutes at a time, once or twice a week. it hurts in the place where the bone actually cracked and ti feels like its the bone that hurts and not just the flesh. why would this happen? is it just some random pain that is just coincidentally in the same spot as where i broke my arm?

on a side note, are sympathy pains real? like if i see someone get hurt badly can it make me hurt a little?

thanks so much!

Captain Skippy
A lot of people get this from cold weather.

Go too the Doc. you may be getting arthritis in it at any age you break bones ..you can get it later on just get it checked it may or may not be Good Luck...

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