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 How do I get the blood bruising on my legs to heal faster?
A few months back I changed my diet from junk food to healthy eating and discovered that my varicose veins that I had for many years completely disappeared! All but for one tiny spider vein on the ...

 How long for a sprained ankle to heal?
I've sprained my limbs many, MANY times before (more times than I'd like) and 2 days ago I slipped and sprained my left ankle. It's definitely not as bad as the other time I sprained ...

 muscle pain under the rib?
its about a week i have this pain, when i move or breathe deep.just under my left rib .when people hugs me ,its hurts.but i dont know why.i went to gym 2 weeks ago and swim once.that's all.im a ...

 I have a very bad Back pain, what doctor should I see?
Last week I suddenly had this pain in the lower back. The pain is not constant and its like a very acute pain when I bend backwards, or if I lay down, facing down and lift my head+shoulders while not ...

 Would predator win the fight?
If predator with none of his weapons was walking down the street after going shopping at asda and a gang of 100 chavs with knives and bricks and broken bottles jumped him would he win the fight or ...

 Does the ingestion of anti-freeze often lead to fatality?
Is their an effective antidote?
How long after ingestion does poisoning symptoms begin to occur?
Does poisoning most often occur in children through accidental ingestion?...

 is my nose broken please help? pretty please :)?
Yesterday, my brother punched me in the face and got me straight on the nose towards the top of the bridge
It bled for around 10 minutes and had imediatly swollen up
I went to sleep and ...

 why does the wound hurt when water touches it?

 What is wrong with my wrist?
I landed on it sledding and my middle finger touched the inside of my wrist 6" from the palm. It really hurts to bend it down. When I stretch out my fingers my wrist twitches, it hasn't ...

 how long does it take for a slightly sprained ankle to heal?
Yesterday i was walking to my friends house down the road and we live on a steep hill so on the way down i twisted my ankle and it hurt. Now today it still hurts and i put an icy bandage on it. I ...

 Help???!! my brother just slammed the door on my thumb?
it was an accident but now my left thum is bleeding and purple it hurts like **** what do i do? my parents r not here and they"re not here. my brother is onnly 9 so he doesnt ...

 can any one tell me where i can buy a water proof plaster cast protecto for the shower?
hi can anyone help i need a waterproof plaster cast cover for my 15year old daughter who got run over a week before xmas and has had pins put in her ankle to hold it together and i cant get one ...

 I was at my local skate park....READ MORE PLEASE!?
I was at my local skate park and i walked up a ramp, bent down and my knee made a snapping sound, straight away i was in agony and couldnt move :'(. I wasnt able to carry on biking so headed ...

 What should I do with my leg?
I was doing fine all day long when i sudden slip and fall. After a few hrs i found out it started swelling i parents say that i nid go have some to help me deal with it but i afraid of the pain what ...

 Does anyone have experience with ACL tears?
Okay; so nearly two years ago I was at dance and did a bad leap, and in an effort to not hurt myself I over compensated to the other side killing my left knee. But because of stubborness and ...

 Swollen big toe whats wrong with it?
i had an ingrown nail that keeped bugging me so i took it out with a nail clipper but now a month later my big toe is swollen and looks purple and when i walk it hurts me and bleeds. What can i do to ...

 Should you go to NYC if u have a broken toe but are taking medicine for the pain?

 biting tongue while having a seizure?
I have seizures during my sleep, and i bite my tongue every time and i end up not been able to eat or talk for about a week or so. i was wondering if this happens to anyone else and is there anything ...

 Six weeks since finger amputation, the stump is suddenly swollen, reddish and tender. Why is this?
I had about half of my left ring finger amputated roughly six weeks ago, I've recovered from the surgery fine and my hand hasn't been hindered that badly by the missing finger, but over the ...

 hurt my elbow falling down stairs?
i was walking down the stairs when i slipped my legs just slid to the bottom about 5 steps and i hit my elbow as it was bent that was the only thing that hit the the step as i went down i have a ...

Why does both of my sides hurt - on the backside?
I have had this pain for a few months and it comes and goes but it get worse each time, now the pain has been present for 3 days and seems to be getting a little worse each day.

Is it possible that I could have problems with both kidneys?

you need to tell your doctor. It is possible that you have kidney disease (does either of your parents have kidney disease?) Usually in your late teens/early 20's the symptoms of kidney disease will start to show up if you do. It can also be a bladder infection that has also infected your kidneys, which can also become serious if not treated right away. Your doctor will test your urine, if it is not an infection they will get you an ultrasound to find out if you have cysts on your kidneys because it could be PKD.

You may definitely want to get that checked out. But it could very well be your kidneys. If you don't drink enough water then it could cause your sides to hurt. Try drinking nothing but water and get some cranberry juice to help flush your kidneys out. If you don't like the bitter taste, try cran-grape, cran-apple, etc.

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