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Who's fault is it, someone is in the cross walk and they get hit by a car?
My son is 7 yrs old and he was in the cross walk and some one hit him. Now their insurance said that their driver wasn't at fault. I thought that no matter what if you are driving a car and you hit someone it was your fault. And I thought that in the cross walk would be the safest place to be. Please if anyone knows about this at all or could tell me what to do.

The pedestrian has the right of way when in a crosswalk. That is the law, bottomline !!

now this is why i tell kids look both way if he did and saw nothing he could of croosed and if it was in the neighborhood and he was going fast it was his but if the child saw it and walked it was his fault

It is the driver's fault. When there is a person crossing the street, they have the right of way, not the driver. They have to stop.. It's the law, at least in New Jersey it is.

See a lawyer and find out the laws of your state.

easy, simple rule for drivers to always remember. When on a cross walk, pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.

The only way this could be wrong is if your son was walking when the red STOP hand was up and then it was his fault and not the drivers

if there was no lit up sign that said "Dont walk" and your son was walking before he saw the driver then its the drivers fault. 99% of the time when someone gets hit in a X-walk, its the drivers fault.

Michael H
get a lawyer asap,, they will screw you if you dont... Im fighting the same thing.. get a lawyer

Mildred S
i would get an attorney.

i thought that it was traditionally always the drivers fault for hitting a pedestrian but in todays would they seem to be pushing more things back on everyone else.

no one has any fault, always a reason why it is someone elses .lol.

Pedestrians always have the right of way. Get a lawyer. They are probably hoping you won't realize the truth and they will get out of paying the bills. My daughter got hit by a car when she was younger. The cops all told me the driver's insurance has to pay, even if my daughter rode in front of her (which she did). Hope your son gets better.

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