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 I got something stuck on my finger, help :[?
I got this ring like thing from my bathroom stuck on my pinky finger, its really swollen and ive tried stuff like ice, elevating my arm, lubricant, and that thing with the string. I cant get to the ER...

 Whats wrong with me back :(serious answers only please)?
my shoulders spine and lower back have this constant dull pain that at times feels like my back is burning, I cant lay down or sit with out it hurting and standing hurts as well.... Its been like ...

 My friend has a concussion and he fell asleep?!?
At his basketball game some kid from the other team pushed him and he fell onto his head and got a concussion, blacked out for maybe 14-20 seconds. He said that the nurse said that he shouldnt go to ...

 how long after sustaining a concussion should one wait before sleeping.?

 Why do i want to break something?
I don't know what's wrong with me but I always get jealous when someone walks into school with a cast or crutches. They get to leave class early and like everyone wants to help them.They ...

 Got my molar pulled out 2day.2 stitches fell out.scared of infection.can someone put my mind to peace?
The hole is a little sore,but im sure that it would be sore either way......

 How do i stop my crutches from hurting?
I broke some of my foot,and i am on crutches. They have been rubbing and making my underarms sore. What do i need to do?...

 How do doctors treat this type of injury?
So an old friend of mine just called and said she was upset because she thinks her son broke his wrist and dislocated his elbow, she brought him to the ER and I told her I'd find some ...

 When would you need an arm sling instead of a cast?
Okay so I was wondering when you need an arm sling and not a cast (or vise versa) Like if I broke me wrist would I need a sling and then a cast or just a cast? Also if you would get a cast for ...

 whats going on with my eye?
ok so i just looked in my mirror and i have a lump under my right eye and i have no idea why. it wasn't there when i got home from school at 3-3:30 and i just looked. it looks like someone ...

 Flying with a broken ankle full of hardware and cast and crutches?
I'm worried about the new security procedures. What if my ankle sets off metal detectors? What about the crutches?...

 Strained my muscles, how to relieve aching?
I did 100 squats 4 days ago and since then my thighs are aching like ****. I can't bend them without feeling the pull badly and it's really annoying since i can't sit/lift my legs/...

 Knee injury? Help please?
About a month ago I was playing basketball and fell on my knee. It twisted kinda funny and made a weird tearing/popping sound and was swolen the rest of the day. I couldn't bend it or straighten ...

 Severe pain and small ball protrudes just under my left rib cage when coughing..?
Had severe coughing for a month. Two days ago when I coughed, a sharp pain and small ball protrudes out briefly just under my left ribcage. Chest X-ray show nothing is wrong. The Dr. in emergency ...

 Should I be concerned about nerve damage in my finger?
So, a few years ago I accidentally cut my finger with a knife. I ended up getting 4 stitches. It healed perfectly without any problems and no infections. However, recently it's been acting up ...

 Back Pain. Should I see a Doctor?
Yesterday while lifting my 4 year old cousin I leaned back and got a sharp pain in the middle of my back. It still hurts about 24 hours later.

Its fine after I've been walking around ...

 How do I know if my ankle is broken?

 What happened to my toe?
This afternoon I was running across my house to get something when my toe caught on the leg of my pants, pulling it upwards. Right now, approximately eleven hours after, I still feel a pain in my toe....

 help with messed up toe nail please?
i am afraid i may get an ingrowing toe nail cause more than half my toenail got knocked off. i wanna know if i can put something like a splint or something on the nail bed to make sure the nail grows ...

 Sprained Ankle...is this normal?
ok so two weeks ago tomorrow I sprained my ankle in PE, tripping down a step. it was very very swollen and i was hardly able to walk on it afterwords. it bruised about 2 days later, in the ...

What would you do if your incision/surgery did not heal correctly?
I had a cyst removed and that was six weeks ago on my face by the corner of my eye. There was no pain up until this point and now I have a little burning sensation that comes and goes on the incision site. The doctor never told me to return and that was it. I had the surgery and that was it. Should I be concerned that this is six weeks now and I am having a little pain.

Talk to your doctor because this doesn't sound like your fault. Ask yourself a few questions.

1. Did you do what the doctor said?

2. Did you change, take new, or stop taking any medications?

3. Do you have any ideas about how this happened?

If this becomes serious and its not your fault, you have the rights to sue.

I would return and sue the doctor if possible for malpractice?

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