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 Please help me..my leg hurts really bad....!!!!!!!!!?
ok well my leg hurts really bad..like from the top to the bottom......i can walk on it but its hard....but i can walk on it..also its hard to sit ...or stand..i can walk..but like if im sitting it ...

 How to make back stop hurting?
Okay. my back has been hurting for more than two weeks.
Its my lower back and i want it to stop hurting for tomorrow because i have a game and i want to tumble.....

 Have i broken my wrist? Help please.?
While i was playing soccer some few hours ago, i tripped over another boy who slidetackled me, and catched myself on my wrist. there was little pain there, so i ignored it and continued playing. now, ...

 If you were stabbed in the heart, will you die?
if you were stabbed into heart, will you die, how much the hurt is and can you survive it?...

 i got a spider bite on my hand its starting to swell up?
i got this spider bite about 2 days ago and its starting to swell up now it itches alot when i put my hand down it hurts can i has help identifing the bug oe seling if i should see ...

 My finger is bent ... ?
my right hand top part of my middle finger is bent towards the right.. i wasnt born like this but about 3 months ago i hit it hard and it bent. it doesnt hurt but looking at it drives me crazy . what ...

 Is it possible to commit suicide by squeezing the sides of one's skull until the brain popped out the top?

 Gymnasts Or experts on Periods Please Help?
Im a Gymnast im 14 i work ALMOST every day of the Week! I started my period yesterday!

So i have a few Questions(:

1: How long do you think mine will last?

2:is pads ...

 How Did You Break Your Finger,Thumb,or Arm?
I want to know how you broke a bone! Trust me I would NEVER think about really breaking it! I have already broken enough bones in my life!...

 What should I do about my eye injury?
Ok, so I was throwing pointed metal stars, and one bounced back and hit me. My vision that day was bad, but today, after sleeping for 10 hours, its red, and does not dialate. And it is full of ...

 what's wrong with my wrist?
i do a very rigorous sport that requires me to do push ups, hand stands, cartwheels, etc. (not gymnastics) when i do too much on my wrists, my left wrist spazes out on me and wont let me put any ...

 ***I just broke my pinky?!
what do I do now?...

 How can you tell if your ankle is broken or just sprained?
besides X-Rays.. is there anything you can do to determine if its a break? thanks....

 Ibuprofen not working for pain?
I've had pain in my left lg mainly at the hip for two days now. I've been having problems with pain in that leg for awhile.

Someone recommended that I take ibuprofen to help it. I...

 does a hairline fracture hurt just as bad as a clean break?

 What was your last bad injury and what was it ?

 my eye hurts real bad!!! =[ help please?
It started this morning. I think when I was putting on my eyeliner, it got inside my eye. And now theres a dark black small spot under my eye.
And it kinda hurts!! its been feelng 'hot'...

 I'm in a neck brace, i'm afraid to go out in public cause i dont know what people will think.?
I like to be social but with this thing on :http://www.orthopaedicsa and this http://www.schneiderchil (the ...

 i jus fell off my bike and my nose is falling off shold i go get help!!!?

 is fainting from locking your knees serious or common?
Is fainting from locking your knees serious or common.Thanks in advance.

Miss T...

What would happen if I got hit in the head with a hammer?

The Miz
worst to worst brain damage

concussion also

You'll find out that you have an enemy... provided that you do not hit yourself with a hammer.

Depends how hard and what type of hammer. If you got hit hard with a metal hammer, you would probably die or lose conciousness.

If you got hit with a plastic blow up hammer, you wouldn't even feel it.

obviously not much, you are on here chatting away aren't you?

*You* would probably get smarter. Give it a try!

Well I guess your gonna need some new bones for your skull.

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