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 dr koop My side is hurting.?
the upper left pelvis or lower left back is hurting me. It's more like the top of my pelvic bone inside my body. when I move in a certain direction. We thought it was my left kidney for a while ...

 lumbar surgery?

 I DO NOT have carpialtunnel, but my wrist "gets stuck" what may be causing this?
I thought it was because of the way I was sleeping on it, but now I am very causious of keeping it straight while I sleep and it still hurts. I find that I can't do certain things now, pick up ...

 I have a bulging disc in my spine. I am a college student. Do I qualify for disability?
When I was one, I had rhumatoid arthritis, a few years ago (when I was 16) I found out that I had bulging discs in my spine. The pain was intense! I got epidural steriod injections for a long time ...

 What will make burned facial skin from hot oil heal faster and leave minimal scarring??

 How do I deal with a pulled muscle?
I'm on a dance team and I dance 2 hours 4 times a week and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my inner thigh, but I can't just stop dancing...what can I do to ease the pain/make it ...

 How do you know if you have jumpers knee?
I think i might have jumpers knee. How do you know you have it? And also if i do have it how do i get rid of it?
Im pretty sure i do have it because me knee is always aching... and also right ...

 Sprained/Fractured finger.... How to tell?
Yesterday morning I injured my finger with a basketball. I put ice on it, but the swelling kept getting worse. It's the middle finger on my left hand, I can type, but I can't do much else ...

 What is the best, inexpensive, Massage Cushion on the market today?
Please let me know ...

 i have mortoms neronua can that cause me to lose movement in my toes?

 What could the knot in my back be?
It's diameter is only about the size of a quarter, but it's still a nice sized knot in the lower of my back. It doesn't normally hurt, but it does get sore to the touch, probably ...

 Knee Pain, help please?
I have soreness/tightness and a little pain on the outside of my right knee. My chiropractor said it's probably my IT band because it goes from a little below to a little above my knee. I have ...

 I am taking hydrocodone bitartrate 10mg/325mg and was wondering if that is a high dose?
The reason why I am asking is because I have chonic pain and it does not seem to work. what would be the difference between 10mg/325 and the 10/750?...

 I sprained my ankle.?
I'm going to start the RICE method today, it is only a minor sprain. I kind of limb and it hurts when I rotate my foot. I was carrying a table saw for my dad, and I tripped over a 2x4. There is ...

 i am 17 and have rupture disc its getting worse what do i do?
i have sharp leg pains and the pain went from a 3 to a9...

 my tetnus shot left a large knot in my arm. is this normal?

 how do you get rid of a black and blue eye?

 ok i have no idea whats wrong with me!!!!!?
ok so im sitting here and all of a sudden i get this realllly bad pain in my right shoulder just above my armpit. i havent fallen on it or anything but it just started hurting now... it hurts... on a ...

 swollen and painful ankle?
Ok i stepped on one of my kids toys tonight and twisted my ankle and now my whole foot even my toes are swollen my ankle and my foot and toes are black and when this happen i heard and felt 2 snaps ...

 okay, i need everyone to pray for me..ifeel like m eyes have changed an not goin to be back to normal..a few w
weeks ago i was randomly rotating my eyes to the very left of me and I heard something crack, it hurt alot and i just slept on it hinkin whatever its a crack ive probably had many of those before..I ...

What to do if you are hurt and have no health insurance.?
My brother-in-law has a herniated disc and collapsed disc in his back but no health insurance. He has gone to the ER on numerous occasions and all they will do is write prescription for steroids and pain killers. We are trying to find a way for him to get the problem fixed. All the ortho. surgeons we have tried expect payment up front or health insurance, neither of which is an option.
HELP! He is so much pain he can barely move. He is only 22 yrsd old and can't even work or live on his own. We live near York, PA.

I pay over 500 a month for my insurance so people who don't work, like this guy, dont have to pay for their own.

If you are seriously hurt, you will just have to pay the hospital. That's why its always safe to have heath insurance. You never know, the cost of certain medical treatments could be VERY expensive.

Try contacting your local Department of Family and Children services about Medicaid.

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